Christmas gift ideas for book lovers

Christmas gift ideas for book lovers

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Books make great Christmas presents, especially if you’re looking for something on a budget. Here are some ideas for the bookworm in your life this Christmas.

Books for grown-ups

The Christmas Love Letters

The Christmas Love Letters

Tucked into a crook of the Norfolk coast lies Nelson’s Bar – an idyllic village where time seems to stand still. Maddy Cracey has called this beautiful spot home all her life, as had her husband Adey – until an epic row sent him storming out into a blizzard, with no sign of him since that fateful night.

Six years on, and Maddy’s life in the village has settled into a gentle pattern with her young daughter and Great Aunt Ruthie. However, when handsome stranger Raff turns up with a handful of long-forgotten love letters, their quiet life is upended as family secrets from the past are unearthed.

As Raff and Maddy get to know each other, they grow closer and a love story of their own seems inevitable. But when Maddy receives a mysterious message, she can’t help but wonder whether her own past is as distant as she’d thought it was…

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Sarah needs Saving

Sarah needs Saving by DCR Bond

Sarah, an ambitious and attractive woman, marries into the wealthy Fetherston family and strives to juggle her many roles: mother, carer, and devoted wife to her absent-minded husband. Despite her seemingly perfect life, she struggles to gain acceptance from her snooty in-laws and new “friends.”

Everything changes when Sarah discovers a shocking secret, far too close to her idyllic Devon home. Persuaded to stay silent for the sake of her family, she soon finds that the silence isn’t golden. As her neatly ordered life begins to crumble around her, danger mounts, and she faces increasing threats from an unscrupulous thug.

With no one to confide in, Sarah must find a way to save her family, her marriage, and her own freedom. 
Will she be able to untangle the web of deceit and protect her loved ones, or will she lose everything?

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Emily’s Algarve Escape

Emily's Algarve Escape by DCR Bond

Escape to the Algarve with this gripping family drama. Set in the exclusive area of the Algarve known as the ”Golden Triangle”, this fast paced novel follows a family of expats fleeing the UK to live alongside some of Portugal’s most magnificent luxury holiday resorts.

Persuaded to abandon her glamorous life in London’s Knightsbridge for the allure of a life in the sun, desperate Emily seeks a new life of luxury, sun-drenched days and, most needed of all, her financial freedom.

But, with family in tow, this isn’t a simple relocation…

Tensions mount, boundaries are tested, shortcomings confronted and priorities re-evaluated as the Ellis’s stumble into unexpected roles, discover hidden talents and try to reconcile the fact that their previous way of life has all but ended.

Can Emily prevent catastrophe as she navigates a new country, customs and work-life balance? Will blood ties hold as nerves fray?

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Only for the Holidays

Only for the Holidays by Abiola Bello

City girl Tia Solanké is dreading the festive period. She’s on a break with her boyfriend and the last thing she wants to do is spend Christmas away from London. Arriving at Saiyan Hedge Farm, Tia takes an instant disliking to it. She falls in horse manure, is chased by sheep and the Wi-Fi sucks. How is she meant to stalk her ex now and concoct a foolproof plan to win him back?
Country boy Quincy Parker and his family run the farm, and this year they’ve been selected to host the biggest event in the town’s calendar – the Winter Ball. Preparations are underway, and Quincy is working around the clock to make it a success. The only problem is, he’s told everyone he has a date to the ball, when in reality that couldn’t be further from the truth. 
At first, Tia and Quincy don’t see eye to eye, until they realise they both have something to gain by pretending to be a couple. But when a snowstorm threatens to cancel the Winter Ball, their fake relationship is put to the test. Will Tia and Quincy be able to keep up the pretence and save the day, or will real feelings get in the way?

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Love in Winter Wonderland

Love in Winter Wonderland by Abiola Bello

Will Trey and Ariel find their happily ever after in this hopelessly romantic love story?

Trey Anderson is popular and handsome, and he works at his family’s beloved Black-owned bookshop, Wonderland. Ariel Spencer is quirky, creative, and in need of a holiday temp job to cover her tuition for The Artists’ Studio. An opening at Wonderland is the answer . . . and the start of a hate-to-love journey for Trey and Ariel. When Trey and Ariel learn that Wonderland is on the brink of shutting down, can they get over their differences and team up to stop the doors from closing before the deadline?

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Realise Your Power – 7 Steps to Sort Your Self Out

Realise Your Power - 7 Steps to Sort Your Self Out

The SYSO System® is a one stop self-improvement system that can be applied wherever you are on your journey. 
You can change your life by following 7 simple steps, and the book’s practical exercises help you DO the changing, rather than just read about it. LEARN HOW TO… 


Changing your life isn’t that complicated when you know how. START NOW. REALISE YOUR POWER. MAKE THE MOST OF YOUR LIFE.

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The Pushover

The Push Over by Daney Parker

A murder mystery with a twist… we know who the murderer is, but who is the victim?

As reporter Grace investigates the killing of a cyclist, memories of another murder begin to possess her – the murder shecommitted…

Trying to comes to terms with the crime she believes she has got away with, Grace starts writing her confession. In this twisty-turny domestic thriller, we find out the reasons for the crime of passion that took place on Grace’s wedding day. How each one of four possible victims pushed Grace to her limits, before she pushes one of them to his (or is it “her”?) death from the luxury cruiser where the wedding reception is being held.

Meanwhile, in the peaceful Surrey town where Grace works as a newspaper reporter, there are some strange goings on. Cats go missing, a cyclist dies, and it looks like these events could be connected to an old lady who befriends Grace, called Iris. Could there be two murderesses living within a few streets of each other?

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People in their Element

People in their Element

If you have ever wondered why relationships are the hardest part of your leadership role and wished that you knew how to create more positive working relationships, then you are NOT alone.

Relationships are fundamental to being human and to life in general and when it’s going badly it can feel like you are tiptoeing in your socks through a room full of pins, terrified of putting a foot wrong.

This book will help you to:

  • Understand your mindset around relationships
  • Learn how the past is affecting your current interactions
  • Identify communication traps people fall into and the impact that is having
  • Ask yourself powerful questions to improve interactions
  • Set yourself on the path to putting people in their element at work

This book is for you if you are ready to change your perspective and embark on a dynamic journey of discovery to master the subtle art and ever-evolving science of positive relationship building.

Buy People In Their Element by Yvonne Guérineau

Making a Difference

Making a Difference

Making a Difference is a book which aims to help bring about positive change within communities in England and Wales. It is distinctive in being a practical ‘How To’ guide rather than a ‘Why Should’ argument. It provides a practical step-by-step guide for anyone who wants to set up a project or introduce a service that would benefit a significant number of vulnerable or excluded people, at any age, within their local communities, and which is sustainable for a long period of time.

The author draws on many years of experience within the charity sector to guide the reader through the process, explaining each stage clearly and precisely. The reader will be able to identify and develop key information about their project – why it’s necessary, what it will involve and how to approach it, what challenges might be encountered and how to avoid and overcome them.

An example of a project, which runs through the whole book, enables the reader to see how each stage might apply to a real-life scenario. Packed with reassurance and useful insights into the workings of the Third Sector, this is an indispensable guide to making the world a better place.

Buy Making a Difference by Pamela Walker

Hopefully these gift ideas will give you some inspiration for what to buy for your loved ones this year.

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