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10 Trending Wooden Bed Frames For 2024

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You just can’t beat a wooden bed frames timelessness and character, with that warm, organic material being a pleasure in any space.

Metal bed frames can feel cold in comparison, and upholstery is nowhere near as durable – they’re still great options, but wood has a natural appeal, especially with a stain instead of paint or a crisp colour that adds a touch of class.

2024 is all about dual-tone wooden bed frames, low profiles, interesting headboards, and useful storage to maximise floor space.

Plain wooden bed frames remain popular for their longevity, but people are daring in their choices this year to create bedroom focal points.

These are the trending bed frames right now:

1. Birlea Croxley

Pictured: Birlea Croxley 4FT 6 Double Bed Frame Oak. Priced £349 (Save £150 on RRP) Available from Bedstar.

The Birlea Croxley is a retro and rattan lover’s dream. Its rattan headboard and black or light oak frame merge minimalist and contemporary styles. It’s the perfect bed frame for bedrooms needing a natural focal point.

2. Willis Gambier Ivory Rattan Bed Frame

Pictured: Willis Gambier Ivory 4FT 6 Double Rattan Bed Frame. Priced £1499 (Save £500 on RRP) Available from Bedstar.

Speaking of rattan, the Willis Gambier Ivory is an even greater leap forward in quality and style with solid wood construction, distressed detailing, a rattan headboard and footboard, and elegantly carved legs with floral detailing.

3. Naples Bed Company 3318B

Pictured: The Naples Bed Company 3318B 4FT 6 Double Wooden Bed Frame. Priced £343 (Save £69 on RRP) Available from Bedstar.

The 3318B is a duo-tone marvel with a grey upholstered headboard, a medium oak wooden base, and tapered legs. The style is unapologetically mid-century modern with a touch of Scandinavian chic for contemporary spaces.

4. Urban Beds Olivia

Pictured: Olivia 4FT 6 Double Wooden Bed Frame – Charcoal. Priced £299 (Save £300 on RRP) Available from Bedstar.

The Olivia bed frame is made from sustainable rubberwood, with oak veneer panels and a charcoal grey border. It’s a fantastic bed frame for minimalist spaces, and there is enough space underneath the bed for storage boxes.

5. Shed Beds Tokyo

Pictured: Shed Beds Tokyo 4FT 6 Double Bed Frame – Light Oak. Priced £279 (Save £60 on RRP) Available from Bedstar.

The super-low Shed Beds Tokyo bed frame is the lowest bed we stock, available with a dark grey or oak frame to suit your bedroom décor. It puts your mattress just 50mm off the floor for a lounging experience like no other.

6. Emporer Moderna Ottoman

Pictured: Moderna 4FT 6 Double Oak Ottoman Bed Frame. Priced £1199 (Save £300 on RRP) Available from Bedstar.

The Moderna bed frame brings luxury to any bedroom with its substantial solid oak frame and generous ottoman storage. It’s made from rubberwood and has a slatted headboard to keep your bedroom light and airy.

7. Limelight Kenji

Pictured: Limelight Kenji 4FT 6 Double Wooden Bed Frame. Priced £549 (Save £250 on RRP) Available from Bedstar. 

If you like the style of the Emporer Moderna but can’t stretch your budget that far, the Limelight Kenji is half the price with a stunning chevron headboard and footboard made from FSC-certified American oak and veneers.

8. Birlea Darwin Poster Bed

Pictured: Birlea Darwin 4FT 6 Double Four Poster – Black. Priced £369 (Save £109 on RRP) Available form Bedstar. 

The Birlea Darwin (available in white or black) is a contemporary poster bed without any decorative detailing, leaving a perfect blank canvas for netting. It’s a great bed frame for high ceilings.

9. Birlea Phoenix

Pictured: Birlea Phoenix 4FT Small Double Wooden Ottoman Bed – Pearl Grey> Priced £431 (Save £218 on RRP) Available form Bedstar. 

The Birlea Phoenix is the ultimate wooden bed frame for storage thanks to its handy ottoman base – it lifts on gas struts to store all your stuff. It’s available in pearl grey, stone grey, white, and blue to suit any interior style.

10. Flair Vancouver Captain’s Bed

Pictured: Flair Vancouver Captains Bed with Drawers – White. Priced £399 (Save £200 on RRP) Available from Bedstar.

The Flair Vancouver mimics the appearance of a captain’s desk with three built-in drawers and a pull-out trundle bed ideal for kids’ bedrooms. It’s available in grey, dark grey, and white to suit your kid’s other bedroom furniture.  

So, what styles are in?

Rattan is the big winner in 2024 as people look to keep their bedrooms light and airy a must after the wettest 18 months on record!

Duo-tone bed frames are also popular to give bedrooms a striking focal point, with natural oak and grey being the most popular colour combo.

Storage is (as always) a must in small bedrooms, and ottoman beds are outselling beds with drawers despite their higher price tags.

A natural wooden bed frame is proving more popular than painted ones, but the lighter stains are doing best—darker stains will be out in 2024.

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