Christmas Gift Ideas For Children age 4-7

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Each year I am finding it harder and harder to choose Erin’s Christmas presents in advance, like I used to. It’s not that she’s fussy, or asks for a lot, or anything like that, but as she gets older she is a bit more specific about the things she likes. At nearly 5, there are so many great toys and games available so today I wanted to share some really fun Christmas gift ideas for children age 4-7.

HARIBO hamper

In our house, a selection box of some kind is an absolute must. Erin is getting a bit more adventurous with what sweets she will try nowadays and loves to try something new. The HARIBO hamper has a great selection for children (and adults of course). I might have to try to steal some of the Giant Trees from her!

Little Brother Books Annuals

I love presents that give children something to do for quite a while. Little Brother Books have a really great range of annuals to suit children with all kinds of interests from dinosaurs, to L.O.L Surprise to CBeebies. The annuals have loads to do inside and really cool things to learn.

National Geographic Shark Tooth Dig Kit

We’re always trying to find fun activities for Erin that are a bit different to the usual arts and crafts we do at home. It’s also important to find educational toys too and we love the National Geographic Shark Tooth Dig Kit*, where you can excavate 3 shark tooth fossils! 

National Geographic Crystal Garden Kit

Another amazing set is the National Geographic Crystal Garden Kit*. Here, you can colour and grow a crystal covered tree and I know that Erin is going to love this. She loves doing experiments and making things that look exciting so this will be a great gift for children who like similar things. 

Geomag confetti

We love toys where Erin can spend quite a lot of time building and putting back together. Geomag confetti* sets are bright, colourful and hours of fun. The magnetic pieces can be put into so many different shapes and can really encourage a child to use their imagination.

Magicube Math Building

Erin moved up from Nursery to Reception this year and we really want to help her learn at home still but in a fun way. The Magicube Math Building* set can help with the recognition of numbers, early calculation skills and first sums, all while being able to build fun shapes with the magnetic blocks.

GEMEX Deluxe Creation Station

Erin loves anything shiny; she’s a bit like a magpie. If it’s got glitter, sparkles and gems on it then she wants it. The GEMEX Deluxe Creation Station allows children to make up to 100 gems and then make them into things like hair clips or bracelets!

So Sand DIY Magic Sand Studio

Sensory toys are a lot of fun and can be played with for hours and hours. With the So Sand DIY Magic Sand Studio* children can make their own sand and choose the colours, then going on to shape and cut it however they like. Now, if only we could make sure the colours don’t get smushed together!

Ultimate Sparkle Science

Another great product this year to encourage STEM learning is the Ultimate Sparkle Science* from John Adams. It includes 10 sparkling chemistry experiments such as growing a crystal goede or creating sparkly shower jellies. This one looks like a lot of fun!

Pokémon Battle Academy

This year Erin is Pokemon mad and she’s a bit obsessed with it. She desperately wants to be a Pokemon trainer and her favourite is Pikachu. The Pokémon Battle Academy* is a great way for children to get a start on learning how to play the Pokemon trading card game. It comes with 3 decks and easy to follow instructions for 2 players.

The Urban Botanist Children's Terrarium

If you’re looking for something really different but really special this year then The Urban Botanist have a lovely range of children’s terrariums. You can choose from dinosaur, fairytale or natural and they come with everything you need including stones, plants and accessories. You can even add fairy lights for an extra and as you can see, it really helps to make the terrarium look magical. These easy care sets are great for children!

Dantoy eco-friendly bucket and spade set

One of Erin’s favourite things to play in is our outdoor sandpit, or at the beach. I love the Dantoy eco-friendly bucket and spade set*, which comes in lovely soft colours. In the set comes a bucket and spade, watering can and small fork/ rake.

Marvin's Magic - Treasured Tricks Wooden Magic Tricks Set

Children are always amazed by magic tricks but why not let them learn how to do some themselves. Marvin’s Magic – Treasured Tricks Wooden Magic Tricks Set* is designed for children age 6+, with pieces perfect for small hands. This wooden set is also beautifully packaged and presented. 

Sous Chef Children's Mini Wooden Kitchen Utensil Set

Erin loves helping her Grandma bake in the kitchen but sometimes struggles with the full sized utensils. Sous Chef’s Children’s Mini Wooden Kitchen Utensil Set is ideal for mini cooks or it could even be used for pretend play with a toy kitchen.

Kids Stuff Crazy Soap

I find it really hard to find good bath toys for children who aren’t babies or toddlers. If, like Erin, your child loves to do messy play in the bath then Kids Stuff Crazy Soap* is such a great idea. Erin especially likes to grab a jug and make potions with hers. 

Kids Stuff Crazy Soap Colour Changing Bubble Bath

Another fun addition to bath time is the Kids Stuff Crazy Soap Colour Changing Bubble Bath*. There’s no reason why children can’t have pamper products for their bath time and with this one, you can see the colour of the water change, which of course, can also be used for amazing potions! 

ION8 bottles

Erin loves a nice drink bottle, especially now she has to take one to school with her. ION8 have a really cool range of children’s leakproof bottles with awesome designs, as well as block colours if that’s preferred. These bottles are smooth flowing, BPA free and have one touch opening.

Stabilo children's pens

It doesn’t matter where we go or what we do we always like to take some kind of activities for Erin to do. You can’t beat taking some paper and pens out with you to keep the kids busy and Stabilo have an amazing range of products. There are options for all ages and the quality is fantastic.

GUND Lincoln the T-Rex

Who doesn’t love a super adorable cuddly toy? GUND’s Lincoln the T-Rex is soft, green and absolutely rawesome! At just over 30cm high he’s going to make children of all ages a great friend. I wouldn’t mind having him for myself!

Puzzle cracker from Wentworth Wooden Puzzles

Maybe you’re looking for stocking fillers for your child this year? Smaller items tend to be plastic but I love this puzzle cracker from Wentworth Wooden Puzzles. It comes in various designs such as a gingerbread house, the night before Christmas or a balloon ride with Santa.

Are you buying gifts for children this year? What would you pick out of these?


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