The Floor Is Lava

Be Careful Because… The Floor Is Lava

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Just a couple of months ago we discovered an amazingly fun show on Netflix; Floor is Lava! Erin and I spent ages watching all of the episodes and we both got really into it each time. There was nothing more fun than watching to see if a team could all make it through and if anyone would fall in the lava. So, when we found out there was a game, The Floor is Lava*, I knew that Erin would enjoy it.

The Floor Is Lava game pieces

The Floor is Lava is really easy to set up out of the box as there aren’t a lot of pieces to sort out. Inside the box you’ll find a spinner and board, set of challenge card and 25 floor tiles. To set up the game you need to spread the floor tiles around the floor, making sure to mix up the colours so there aren’t many of the same too close by or next to each other.

The Floor Is Lava

Once the tiles are laid on the floor, someone needs to spin to see which floor tile colour everyone needs to move to. Of course, you need to do this by not touching the floor (because the floor is lava) at any point. The last player to get to their new tile must remove the last tile they stand on from the floor, resulting in fewer options for the next turn.

The Floor Is Lava floor tiles

Some of the larger floor tiles come with question marks in the middle of them. If a player chooses one of these tiles then they must also complete a challenge, given from one of the challenge cards. I have to be honest and say that these were slightly disappointing.

The Floor Is Lava challenges

Challenges included things like covering your eyes, touching your toes and clap your hands 10 times as fast as you can. Erin really didn’t struggle at all with the challenges that she had to do but they are sort of designed to make players wobble a bit or lose their balance as they try to stay out of the lava. However, I think if you shuffle the challenge cards better then there will be a better mix of easy and harder challenges.

The Floor Is Lava challenge

Something I will say before you even think about playing the game is that you need quite a lot of space. We had to move our coffee table out of the way and push a sofa way back into the dining room. If you don’t have enough space the 25 floor tiles will end up being too close together and the game a lot easier. I can imagine us playing this a lot more during the warmer months where we can make use of the garden.

The Floor Is Lava game over

Throughout the whole game the aim is to make sure that you either don’t fall in the lava when trying to move tiles or to make sure you’re the last player on a tile! The game gets harder and harder and more floor tiles are removed and you could make it even harder still if you add your own obstacles from around the house.

The Floor is Lava is such a fun game and one that can be played with the whole family. I can see this one being a big hit this Christmas!


Be Careful Because... The Floor Is Lava

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  1. that looks like tones of fun ! i might actually put that on my christmas wish list so we can all play at home ! kind regards Pati Robins @style squeeze blog

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