Christmas gift ideas for travellers

Christmas Gift Ideas For Travellers

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We’re a travel-loving family, whether it be a day out or a week away. In this gift guide you’ll find all kinds of great products for travellers, both with and without kids!

buyagift Time Together box

If you’re buying for someone who loves to travel or an adventure, something along these lines is perfect. buyagift offers some really great experiences, such as the Time Together box. The recipient can choose the experience for themselves from a huge list, including things like a spa retreat or an escape room.

Moleskine travellers journal

There’s nothing better than planning your next trip. The Moleskine travellers journal is a great place to keep all of your plans and document what you get up to on a trip. The journal comes in a beautiful storage box, and the journal itself can be personalised with your initials. Available to buy from the Engravers Guild website.

Tile mate essentials

One of the worst things that can happen while travelling is losing something, especially if it’s your luggage. People are turning to technology now to keep track of where their things are and the Tile mate essentials variety pack can help with this. By popping a Tile into your checked luggage, you can keep an eye on where it is, and check that it’s arrived at the destination with you.

Edifer TWS1 Pro wireless earbuds

When you’re travelling for a decent amount of time you sometimes want to switch off from the noise around you. A pair of Edifer TWS1 Pro wireless earbuds will do just the thing. They come in three different colours, can be used with either one or both earbuds and have simple touch control.

Kikkerland extendable tripod

This year we have realised that we just don’t get enough full family photos while we’re travelling. This extendable tripod from Kikkerland is perfect for taking on trips and ensuring you’re all in the photo. It can hold both cameras and phones so great for whatever you use for photos.

3 in 1 tiddlywinks game

Travelling with children can be hard work sometimes and it can be hard to fill the downtime in places such as hotels. The On the go 3 in 1 tiddlywinks game from Kikkerland is perfect for fitting into small bags and it barely weighs anything. The tin becomes the game with different card inserts to aim for.

Leaf playing cards

Whether you’re away with family or friends it’s always a good idea to carry a small game with you. The Huckleberry Leaf Cards from Kikkerland are such a fun idea, and different from a standard pack of playing cards. The tin is small enough to fit in a handbag, or hand luggage, so you can take them anywhere.

On the go games

If you’re looking for a bit more variety when it comes to games but don’t want to carry around lots of options On The Go Games from Kikkerland is a great idea. It comes in a lovely tin with 6 dice, scorecards, pencil and instructions for a few different games.

Deal Me In Playing Cards

You can’t beat a pack of cards when you’re travelling. There are so many different games to play too. I really love the Deal Me In Playing Cards, which come in a gorgeous case with an elasticated strap to keep everything in place.

Dots to Dots Domino Set

We love to take games away with us when we travel. One of the most annoying things though is losing pieces. With the Dots to Dots Domino Set you don’t have to worry about this. The dominoes come in a beautiful drawstring bag that’s also really easy to pack up and take with you.

The Print Fox Norwich prints

I love reminders of places I’ve been to on my travels, or even from where I live. The Print Fox on Etsy has some lovely Lino prints of places in Norwich, as well as others such as woodland animals and tarot cards! These would look great framed!

Grover waxed canvas roll out wash bag

I always worry about my toiletries when travelling but with a good bag they’re much safer. The Grover waxed canvas roll-out wash bag from Trendhim is super stylish and once rolled out has lots of different compartments inside. It’s great for keeping everything separated but also in the same place.

Rubis tweezers and SOS cleanse

When it comes to travelling, smaller beauty and cosmetic items are great as they don’t take up much space.

Rubis tweezers, available from Amazon, are rust and corrosion resistant, meaning they’re great to take on any adventure. They’re easy to pop in your make-up bag, or even a small handbag!

SOS Cleanse daily cleanser is another great product in travel size. It comes in a SOS essentials travel collection, with 5 different travel-sized products. Make sure your skin has everything it needs while you’re off having fun, without carrying the weight of full-sized products.

Dentek emergency dental repair kit

Unfortunately, accidents can happen while you’re travelling. You might be on a day out here in the UK or abroad but either way, an emergency dentist can be extremely hard to find. Carrying a Dentek emergency filling kit is such a good idea, just to get you through until you can get sorted properly.

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