Christmas Gift Ideas: Games For The Whole Family

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In our house we tend to play quite a lot of games at the weekend. It might be that we play with Erin during the day and then we play some harder games on an evening. So, with that in mind, I wanted to show some really great games for the whole family that would make lovely gifts this year.

Sketchy drawing game

Erin loves to get involved when we play games at home, whether they are aimed for children her age or not. Sketchy* is aimed at children aged 8+ and to be playing in more than 2 teams. What’s great about this game is that although Erin isn’t at the right age yet Erin she can join in with us as part of a team. This is a really fun family game where your drawing skills are put to the test.

Orchard Toys What a Performance

Erin is such an outgoing child and she loves to show off a bit sometimes. Orchard Toys What a Performance* is a fun, family board game that encourages performance skills and confidence. Of course, it’s great to just have fun and be silly sometimes and this is a great game for that.

Orchard Toys What a Performance

Puzzles are a great activity for children to do either on their own or with family. Erin is looking for something a bit more challenging now and the Orchard Toys World Map Puzzle and Poster* is a great choice. It can help her to learn more about the world and where other countries are and it gives us something to talk about while we play.


This year Mum and I have been playing a lot more games that really make us think and we’re always looking for something new to challenge us. Sequence* looks exactly like the kind of game we would like to play on an evening. Here, you must place a card from your hand, add a chip on the corresponding space on the game board and when you have 5 in a row, it’s SEQUENCE! You have to learn how to block other people playing and be sneaky with a strategy.

Banana Blast

Banana Blast* is a super fun game for children age 4+ and for 2-5 players. The monkey is greedy and wants all of the bananas for himself but players need to roll the dice to see how many bananas they need to try to steal. One of the bananas (different every time) will make Monkey Joe jump so you have to be very careful when taking the bananas.


Playing games as a family is a fun way to spend time but sometimes it can be hard to find something suited to everyone. Quirk!* helps families to have fun together by making crazy sounds, hilarious actions and a bit of mischief. Games don’t have to last a long time either so you can tailor them to different ages.

Munchin' Monkey

In Munchin’ Monkey* Charlie the monkey loves eating and players must take it in turns to roll the dice and feed him. The more he eats, the more his nappy bulges and when he eats too much, his nappy bursts! The game is sure to create some laughs as players see who can burst the nappy first!

Do you play games as a family? What’s your favourite and which of these would you like?


Christmas Gift Ideas: Games For The Whole Family

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