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Christmas Gift Ideas For Children Under 5

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Erin is coming up to being 4 (her birthday is on New Year’s Day) and she is getting increasingly harder and harder to buy for. She doesn’t really like any one thing and instead has loads of different interests. Erin also often likes things that are for children slightly older than what she is now so for this reason, I’ve put together some Christmas Gift ideas for children under 5.

Under £10


Over the past year or so Erin has got more into soft toys and also collectables! Something that combines the two is Squeezamals*. These adorable characters smell fantastic and can be squeezed, squished and hugged and they go back to their original shape after each and every time.

Foodie Roos

Another fun collectable that would make a good stocking filler is Foodie Roos*. These adorable creatures smell like the food they have eaten and the tubs also create their own play set as well. There are 20 Foodie Roos to collect and even some rare ones!

JCB Construction Dump Truck Toy Vehicle

We have never been the family who buys toys based on gender and Erin really likes a really wide variety. Something she really likes at the moment is construction vehicles so the JCB Construction Dump Truck Toy Vehicle* will provide hours of fun! There are so many plays to play with a toy like this and others that you pair with it. 

ION8 Leak Proof 350ml bottle

Erin has a bit of a thing about drinking bottles. I don’t know why but she loves to have options and regularly goes through phases of having a new favourite. Something we are always looking for are bottles that are safe for taking on trips and the ION8 Leak Proof bottle is great for taking out and about and it comes in a range of colours.

My Busy Bots

We go away at least a few times a year, sometimes on short train journeys and sometimes on longer adventures. As we don’t drive we usually travel by train and the longer journeys are sometimes a struggle for Erin. My Busy Bots have come up with Busy Bags and they are fantastic for keeping children busy, engaged and captivated at times like travelling, in restaurants or even just on a day at home. There are different themes available and different products aimed at various ages.

£10 to £30

The Secret Life of Pets 2 Movie Collection

I think DVDs are a great choice for children as they are something that can be watched over and over again. Something like The Secret Life of Pets 2 Movie Collection would be a great choice. With 2 films to choose from, there is hours of fun to be had.

Hape Cooking Essentials

Erin’s toy kitchen is one of her favourite things to play with and she’s always coming up with new things to do with it. The Hape Cooking Essentials* set offers a fun way of cutting, grating and peeling the food items before preparing them into a delicious meal! This is such a great set to encourage cooking skills and healthy eating in children, while making it fun at the same time.

The Discovery Digital Walkie Talkies

Erin and John love playing secret games around the house or even in the garden when the weather is nicer. They make up secret missions and pretend to be super ninja spies and they really get very creative. The Discovery Digital Walkie Talkies have a 3km outdoor range, nightlight and call alerts. They’ll make a great addition to all kinds of games!

Harry Potter Wizard Training Wand

I think the first film I remember Erin watching was Harry Potter, even if I thought she was too young for it at the time. Her and John run around the house pretending to be wizards together most weekends so a Harry Potter Wizard Training Wand* is such a great idea for a gift. If you have a little Harry Potter fan to buy for then this one should be seriously considered.

Disney Princess Toddler Dolls

If Disney or dolls are what the child in question is into then the range of Disney Princess Toddler Dolls* offers both of those things. There are various characters available, including Ariel as seen above. At 14″ tall, these are a great option for children under 5.

Little Bus Lotto and Llamas in Pyjamas

Games are always a good choice for a gift and Orchard Toys has such a fantastic collection. We love to take games away with us on trips and the mini games are ideal for this. Little Bus Lotto and Llamas in Pyjamas are lovely games aimed at children aged 3-6 that help to develop matching and memory skills as well as observational and social skills.

Peppa Pig snack box with cutlery and Peppa Pig egg cup dinner set

Ever since Erin realised that she liked an egg for breakfast she has wanted her very own egg cup! She currently steals her Dad’s every time. Gift Giving All Wrapped Up has a really good range of Peppa Pig products such as the Peppa Pig snack box with cutlery and Peppa Pig egg cup dinner set. These two products will help to get your child set for the day!

Llama Zip Top - Pretend to Bee

Dressing up is one of the most things about childhood and there are so many choices when it comes to costumes. Pretend to Bee is the place to go for role play costumes, character costume and even animal costumes such as this Llama Zip Top. It’s a simple but fun costume and the hood is absolutely adorable.

Johnson's Cottontouch gift set

Bath time can be so much fun and I don’t think it really matters what age the child is. Erin is nearly 4 and still loves a bubble bath and to spend some time playing and relaxing. The Johnson’s Cottontouch gift set (available at ASDA) contains Face and Body Lotion, 2 in 1 Bath and Wash, Extra Sensitive 56 Wipes and a changing mat. It’s a really lovely set right from birth!

£30 and over

BABY born Soft Touch Sister

Erin spends hours and hours playing with her BABY born toys. Maybe you’re looking for a doll that’s not a baby and the BABY born Soft Touch Sister (brother available too) is exactly this. The sister doll comes with accessories such as shoes, hair grips and even her own water bottle. Dressed a cool outfit, she’s ready for some fun adventures.

BABY born City Outfit

Whether you’re buying a BABY born baby, sister or brother or your child already owns one, accessories are a great addition to  any collection. The BABY born City Outfit makes a fab stocking filler or extra to go with a bigger bundle.

BABY born Scooter and Helmet

We’re really in love with the BABY born Scooter and Helmet and it’s such a great toy to go with any of the BABY born dolls (both the baby, sister and brother can sit on it). It’s remote controlled and comes with a helmet to ensure the doll doesn’t have any accidents! I really love that this can be used with any of the dolls so it makes it really great value for money.

Hopefully you can find some inspiration with these products, especially as nothing is overly expensive. Which product is your favourite?


Christmas Gift Ideas For Children Under 5

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