Cute Kitsch: A subscription box review

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Subscription boxes are so popular now compared to a couple of years ago. Hell, they’re more popular than only a year ago and that popularity keeps on growing. Something I had never seen before was a craft type subscription box and this was such a different idea compared to beauty boxes or ‘fan’ style boxes that I had seen before. I was so excited when Cute Kitsch offered to send me a sample of one of their boxes.

Cute Kitsch is a very new box and has just finished its first ever box which was named Foxy Chic. I had a particular interest in this box because my mother’s maiden name is Fox and I do love anything to do with this animal. Erin’s first cuddly toy was actually a fox! When the box arrived I pretty much ripped it open, I couldn’t wait to see what was inside.

Okay, so I didn’t actually rip it open. It was too prettily wrapped for that.

The contents of the sample box were incredibly cute and so amazingly Foxy

There was also some quite random items too! Don’t get me wrong though, I never think any kind of chocolate or unicorn is a bad thing.

So, along with the fox earrings and ring there was also a make your own fox! What kind of craft box would this be otherwise?!

I am not the most creative of people and I’m completely rubbish at thinking of things to make on my own. Having something like this is perfect for someone like me. However, I do wish the instructions had been clearer and not just a sheet of paper. I didn’t think things through properly and sewed on the grey bit of felt first.
Had I thought about it, I would have sewed on the eyes and white bits at the bottom first to save myself sewing through two layers of felt instead of one. Duh! The picture to the left looks more like a Transformer at this point but maybe that’s to do with the colour of the felt. I think orange/ browns would have made it look more like a fox in the early stages.

I also quickly realised that I am rubbish at sewing in any kind of straight line so I wish the tread provided had been the same colour as the felt. You then wouldn’t be able to see my wonky lines in bright pink but that’s not majorly important.

I am so pleased with the overall outcome of cute little felt fox who I have named Eric. He’s going to be sewn on something of Erin’s at some point when I figure that out. I love him… even if he does have slightly crazy looking eyes!

Carrie and Kasia, the creators of Cute Kitsch have a really original and fun idea on their hands. I love that there will be a different theme every month and that there will be something to make. If you take a look over at the website or Facebook and Instagram pages, you’ll see what they have to offer! As I only received a sample I don’t feel as though I can really say whether or not the box is worth the subscription price of €25 a month. The boxes are also available as a one off purchase.

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