Disney's The Lion King Live Action Plush Review

Disney’s The Lion King Live Action Plush Review

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The Lion King was the first film that I ever remember seeing at the cinema and it’s been a favourite ever since. The only other Disney film that has come close to topping it was Moana but The Lion King has always stayed firmly in my number one spot. I never had any toys or items the first time around but now with the live-action film being released this month, we were sent a couple of products and I’m pretty sure I was more excited than Erin.

Erin and The Lion King plush toys

First up we were sent Simba, who is the ‘Large Plush with Sound’ with a RRP of £22.99. Simba stands at 14″ high and he’s really quite impressive. If you want to collect a whole set of plushes this size you can also get Nala and Pumbaa and already I know Erin would love them all. Each large plush needs 3 AAA batteries but these come included which is fantastic. So many toys need the batteries adding in after you get it home and obviously children never want to wait for this to be done!

Erin and The Lion King plush toys

For some reason, I think maybe due to him being able to talk, he wouldn’t be quite so soft but you really don’t even notice the box inside. Simba has a lovely long tail and an incredibly soft body. He’s very fluffy and fantastic to give a big cuddle! The only thing I personally would have liked with Simba is for him to stand up a bit better. His feet aren’t particularly sturdy unless you get them in exactly the right position and this has been a little bit frustrating for Erin.

Erin and the Simba large plush with sound

One of the great things about Simba is that he talks if you press one of his feet. These are the phrases that Simba can say:

“Trust me, I got this”

“I’m gonna be the king of Pride Rock”

“Well I’m not letting anyone tell me where to go, what to do or even who to marry. There will never be a king like me”

“Follow me to freedom”

Erin and the Simba large plush with sound

Simba would be pretty lonely on his own so we were also sent Nala, who is the ‘Small Plush with Sound’ with a RRP of £9.99. Nala is a smaller soft toy at 8″ and Erin immediately thought that she was Simba’s baby lion. The great thing about these toys is that whether you have seen the film/s or not, you can play with them in any way you like and do whatever your imagination comes up with.

Erin and the Nala small plush with sound

Just like with the large plushes, there are other characters to collect in the small plush. With these you can get Simba, Nala, Timon and Pumbaa. I definitely think we need to get a Timon and Pumbaa to round out our collection a bit. I really like that the small plushes only cost £9.99 each so if you are going to get a whole set the price isn’t too bad.

Erin and the Nala small plush with sound

The small plushes also come with sounds and to activate Nala you have to squeeze her stomach. These are the phrases that Nala can say:

“You’ve proved how brave you are”

“Simba get down. It could be dangerous”

“Simba we’re way beyond the Pride Lands”

Erin and The Lion King plush toys

Erin immediately fell in love with Simba and Nala and it’s easy to see why. She has two new super soft friends who can talk to each other and there are so many ways to play with them. Erin actually loves these two so much that they now go to bed with her every night and she never wants to leave them alone!

Disney’s The Lion King live action plushes can be purchased at Amazon and Argos.


Disney's The Lion King Live Action Plush Review

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  1. Oh these are so cute, my daughter would go crazy if she had these. It’s by far one of her favourite characters.

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