Earn points with the Books2Door Book Points loyalty scheme

Earn points with the Books2Door Book Points loyalty scheme

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We have always been a huge book loving family, with Erin having what I like to call a small library in her bedroom. We always look to buy great value books and Books2Door is somewhere you can buy books from famous authors and bestselling titles with up to 80% off!


The great thing about Books2Door is that they offer a really get range of books at discount prices. Buying new books all of the time can be really costly so we like to save money where we can. Not only are there great savings on loads of books but they also have a clearance section too.

The Book Points locally scheme

Up until recently I didn’t know that Books2Door offer a loyalty scheme called Book Points. Each time you shop you can get 10% cashback on each order in the form of Book Points. 100 points equals £1 and these points can then be used against new orders over £30. After one order I now have enough points to get £13 off and that’s huge when you’re shopping there anyway. You can earn addition Book Points by doing simple tasks such as liking a page on social media.

Refer a friend

Books2Door also have an option where you can refer your friends. When a friend signs up using your unique code and places an order you both get £5 to spend! These discounts are also applicable on orders over £30.

What did we buy?

One of the great things about Books2Door is that there is so much choice. The website is easy to use and you can search by age if you’re looking specifically for children. Alternatively, you could have a look through the bestsellers and see if something grabs your eye.

Books2Door Rainbow Magic boxset and Harry Potter illustrated books

Harry Potter illustrated editions

Harry Potter is a big deal in our house, with Erin now having an interest. It’s taken her a little while but being 6 seems to have changed her mind about it. Her and John are currently working their way through the books and what better way to do it than with the illustrated editions.

Books2Door Harry Potter illustrated books

The illustrated Harry Potter books are available as either a 3 or 4 book set. I decided to go for the 4 book set, costing £54, as it felt like the best value for money. These books are huge and they’re so beautifully done and they’ll be a fantastic purchase (or present) for any Harry Potter fan.

Books2Door Harry Potter illustrated books with open page

Rainbow Magic 52 book set

Erin’s reading is getting better by the day and over the past few months she has moved from slightly from picture books to chapter books. Although she’s not reading them herself just yet it won’t be long before she is.

As soon as I came across the Rainbow Magic 52 book set I knew that it was something Erin would love. Imagine what 52 books would cost at full price… you’re looking at around £6 or £7 each. This whole set was only £37.30.

Books2Door Rainbow Magic boxset

With 52 books in the set, this means that Erin has 1 new book a week to read, whether that be on her own when she can or with me or her Dad. The set also comes in a nice box so you can keep all of the books together and help to keep them in good condition.

It’s such a good idea to offer customers a loyalty scheme. Not only are you getting great value books with Books2Door but there’s reason to go back and shop again.


Earn points with the Books2Door Book Points loyalty scheme

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