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Sometimes you need something that bit nicer than a plain notepad and BIC pen. Sometimes you need something that looks gorgeous when you take it out of your bag. Sometimes you need stationery that you are proud to be seen with. Edie & Rona provide exactly that!

Edie & Rona

To begin with, I have to say that Edie & Rona send out their products really beautifully packaged. Each piece comes wrapped in delicate tissue paper with either a Edie & Rona sticker or a card to say thank you on larger pieces. I really loved the added detail in the packaging from this brand. I think going that extra mile really helps to make you stand out.

portico designs notebooks

For so long I have carried around a notebook of some kind with me in my handbag or now in Erin’s changing bag. The notebooks have varying in many ways of the years and I have had loads of different kinds. The one thing I won’t do though is carry around a tatty, boring notebook. It’s just not in me.

I am so in love with these Portico Designs Notebooks. The pack of two is a steal at only £7.95. In the pack you get one lined notebook and one with squares. I’m not rally sure what I’d use the one with squares for right now apart from actually playing squares with my husband on trips away! If I was more arty or creative I’m sure I could do a lot more with it.

The  bright, floral designs are what I love most about this notebook set though. The colours are so eye catching that you can’t help but notice them. They’re certainly the type of notebook that makes me happy each time I take it out of my bag.

Edie & Rona

Caroline gardner gift set

Something else I really love is a nice pen. I know to some people that sounds a bit weird. They just don’t get it and that’s okay. However, I am so picky and particular about which pens I use. When I go to work I take 3 pens with me and they stay with me all the time. No one else is allowed to use them and I near enough guard them with my life.

Edie & Rona

These Caroline Gardner pens go perfectly with the floral notebooks because they’re also bright and colourful. The set of three pens currently costs £17.99 which is about £6 a pen. Trust me when I say that these are a dream.

Not only are the colours of the pens stunning but they are so nice to write with. The nib is super smooth and I could sit writing for hours with these.

The pens are also multinational. On the end of each pen is a pink stylus nib. I love how these pens can switch from writing to use on a tablet or phone in a second. They’d be great for if you’re working on a tablet but need to write things down at the same time.

Edie & Rona have quickly become a new favourite of mine for stationery. I have my eye on a few other pieces already and I know people that would love some bits as gifts!

edie & rona are giving my readers a fantastic 20% off when they use the code ‘organised20*. get yourself stylishly organised!

*Code expires 31st May 2017

Disclaimer: We were sent products for the purpose of this review. All opinions are our own.








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  1. I’m always stealing my husband’s pens which he leaves around from work. It’s such a luxury to have a nice pen so I hear you! I should actually treat myself and these look lovely. The notepads are beautiful too. You can’t beat paper! I still use actual wall calendars as well!

  2. Definitely agree with your description of stylish, great looking products and love the way it is packaged, shows the high quality

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