Enjoy Dual SIM Functionality With A Europe eSIM

Enjoy Dual SIM Functionality With A Europe eSIM

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United States travelers going from the USA to Europe or Japan are in for a treat by utilizing an eSIM. If you are not sure where to purchase it or how to activate it- then continue reading this article!  

Learn about Europe eSIMs, like those available at Holafly, and how they can greatly improve your travel experience. No more worrying about switching SIM card after SIM card!

How Can You Buy A Europe eSIM Online?

To buy a Europe eSIM online, first, make sure that your device supports eSIM functionality. Most newer smartphones, such as iPhones and some Android devices, have eSIM capability. Verify that your device is compatible before proceeding.

Look for providers that are reputable and offer services. You can search online, ask for recommendations from others who have used eSIMs in Europe, or see the top search results when looking for “Europe eSIM”.

Once you have selected a provider, visit their official website. Look for the option to purchase or order an eSIM.

After completing the purchase process for your desired plan, you will receive an email or a webpage with your eSIM activation details. This typically includes a QR code or an activation code.

Follow the instructions provided by the eSIM provider to activate the eSIM on your device. 

Once the eSIM is set up and connected to the network, you can start using it for data, voice calls, and text messaging while traveling in Europe or Japan.

Will My Physical SIM Work If I Activate A Europe eSIM?

For those of you wanting to keep your original SIM card, you’ll be happy to know that your physical SIM should still work if you activate a Europe eSIM on your device. 

Having both an eSIM and a physical SIM card allows you to use two different mobile connections simultaneously, providing you with flexibility and coverage options.

When you activate an eSIM, it typically creates a virtual SIM profile on your device that connects to the designated network. This virtual profile operates independently of your physical SIM card. 

Therefore, your physical SIM card will continue to function as usual, allowing you to receive calls and messages while using data based on its plan and network coverage. However, be aware that these calls and messages can sometimes be limited to mobile apps only, like WhatsApp.

How Many Europe eSIMs Can You Have?

The number of Europe eSIMs you can have depends on the capabilities of your device and the policies of the eSIM provider you choose. Here are some other considerations that should be noted as well.

Device Compatibility

Not all devices support multiple eSIM profiles simultaneously. Some devices, such as iPhones, allow you to store multiple eSIMs and switch between them as needed. However, other devices may only support a single eSIM profile at a time. Check the specifications of your specific device to determine its eSIM capabilities.

eSIM Provider Policy

Each eSIM provider may have its own policies regarding the number of eSIMs you can have with them. Some providers may allow you to have multiple eSIM profiles with different plans or for different regions, while others may limit you to a single eSIM profile. 

It’s important to review the terms and conditions of the eSIM provider to understand their policy on multiple eSIMs.

eSIM Management

Managing multiple eSIM profiles can vary depending on the device and the software used. Some devices provide a user-friendly interface to switch between eSIMs, while others may require more manual configuration. 

Make sure you understand how to manage multiple eSIMs on your specific device before attempting to add multiple profiles.

The number of eSIMs you can have depends on the capabilities of your device and the policies of the eSIM provider. Check your device specifications and review the terms and conditions of the eSIM provider to determine the number of eSIM profiles allowed.

Final Thoughts

Australians traveling from the US to Europe or Japan can greatly benefit from having their own Europe eSIM, like those at Holafly. This is especially true if you’re just wanting a quick and easy way to receive data without going through the hassle of buying a new SIM card.

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