Erin’s Personalised Santa’s Set§

Growing up I never had much with my own name on it. If I did, it was normally the wrong spelling as apparently Lyndsey isn’t right. When we chose Erin’s name I never really thought about what we’d be able to get with her name on it. Actually, there is a lot more than I thought especially if a company offers personalisation. Arty Apple do exactly this and have some fantastic Christmas products.

With it being Erin’s first Christmas I wanted to make sure we set her up for years to come. The Personalised Santa’s Set was the perfect choice for us. To start with, the set came beautifully packaged. Inside a very sturdy box that you can keep the products in after Christmas is some lovely red tissue paper wrapping the set.

The Personalised Santa’s Set consists of a stocking and also Santa’s sack and it costs £27.

Both pieces are made from a lovely, soft red felt with the stocking having a fluffy white edge to it! Erin’s name is on both items as well as a picture of Santa!

Personalised Santa's Set

Ever since we bought our house a couple of years ago I wanted to hang stockings on the fireplace. It was one of the reasons why I wanted the fire in the first place. Obviously we don’t keep it there when the fire it lit though!

I do realise from the first picture here of the sack that it is nearly as big as our Christmas tree! We do only have a 4ft tree though. The sack, measuring 70cm x 50cm, is plenty big enough for a child of any age and absolutely perfect for Erin.

I think the Personalised Santa’s Set is such a fantastic product regardless of your child’s age. In fact, I would love for me and John to have one each as well so we could have a matching set as a family.

I know Erin will get really excited when she is able to read her name on the stocking and the sack. She’ll be able to go to her presents straight away and see her name on her stocking first thing in the morning.

Although it is already quite close to Christmas you still have time to get your order in ready for the big day! Arty Apple do a lot more than Christmas products though so be sure to look at their personalised bunting, towels and aprons and everything else they sell!

Disclaimer: We were sent these products for the purpose of this review. All opinions are our own. 

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  1. My son loves to see his name on things. Fortunately, Adam is a fairly easy one to find on things. These are really lovely though.

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