Essential Health And Safety Training For Staff

Essential Health And Safety Training For Staff

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It is still a shame to know that even these day of modern technology around 200 people are killed each year in work related accidents. On top of that over a million workers sustain minor or major injuries in the workplace, most of which could be avoided with the right staff health and safety training procedures put in place.

Ensuring that your staff receive adequate health and safety training when they join the company is one thing, but you also need to be conscious of the ever-changing rules and regulations around health and safety law and ensure that you regularly update your staff with fresh H&S training.

As a responsible employer, providing health and safety training to your staff means you can:

  • Ensure your employees are safe in the workplace and free from risk of injury or death
  • Gain a positive and proactive attitude towards health and safety for you and your employees
  • Meet your legal obligations to protect your employees from harm in the workplace
  • Raise health and safety awareness amongst your employees

If you can take the proper steps to operate best practices with your company health and safety policies and procedures, your employees will feel more secure in their work and this can help boost your productivity and increase your bottom line profits.

Investing in cutting-edge new Health & Safety management software will enable you to engage with your key staff and managers around their H&S duties, as well as encourage your employees to take individual responsibility for their own health and well-being at work.

Effective H&S training for your staff can mean:

  • Your business can avoid the anxiety and stress that accidents can cause at work to the victim
  • You can avoid financial penalties for being in breach of current H&S regulations
  • You will avoid the downtime and loss of productivity caused by absent staff

Who needs health and safety training?

Every member of your staff can benefit from comprehensive health and safety training, no matter what industry you work in. The level of training would depend on the nature of your business, obviously there are sectors that by nature are going to be more dangerous or pose more risks than others. For example those working in the construction industry or manufacturing companies that use heavy machinery or hazardous chemicals.

Health & Safety Management Software

You and your company safety officers can make your health and safety processes much easier by using the latest cutting-edge Health & Safety Management software. Modern software solutions are extremely user-friendly and can be scaled to allow quick access to your staff to record potential hazards in the workplace that need addressing and to access your company H&S policies.

With modern H&S software, you can keep staff training records and set reminders for when staff need to take refresher courses or need to renew their training. Health & Safety laws often get changed or amended, so it is important that you ensure your staff take regular refresher courses to update their knowledge and are confident about knowing what action to take should they witness an accident at work.

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