Don't Let An Accident At Work Ruin Your Confidence

Don’t Let An Accident At Work Ruin Your Confidence

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Confidence at work can be really hard to achieve. It can take years for you to feel at ease and to ditch the imposter syndrome. However, it doesn’t take much to bring it back again.

A workplace accident is a classic example of this. It can leave you needing some time off work to recover and could leave you feeling anxious or stressed at the thought of returning to work. But why should an accident hold you back from what you’ve worked so hard to achieve? 

Don’t let an accident at work ruin your confidence, here’s how you can get it back. 

Get some closure

It can be difficult to move on from an accident when things are unresolved. Perhaps you’re still recovering, or you’re waiting on a formal apology from your employer – whatever it is, getting some closure could help you put your accident behind you. You may need to work with workers compensation claim lawyers to help you get any compensation you’re due, but it can go a long way towards helping you get your life back. Working with a counsellor could also help you deal with what has happened so that you can move forward.

Ease yourself back in

Returning to work after a break isn’t easy. It can be difficult to find your feet or even remember what you’re supposed to do day-to-day. And that’s ok. Just like going back to work after maternity leave, it’s ok for things to take time. You could do a phased return to help you get to grips with the workplace slowly, and spend some time shadowing to help you get back into the swing of things. Don’t put pressure on yourself and check in with yourself regularly to ensure you’re happy with what you’re doing and how things are going. 

Try some confidence boosters

Most people struggle with confidence at work from time to time, but being able to push past it can help you excel at what you do. Even if you have to fake it until you make it, there are some confidence boosters you can try to help you boost your self-esteem, while helping you develop some more authority in what you do.

TikTok is an excellent place to find some inspiration from women who are making strides in what they do.

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Taking some time off work due to an injury can feel like a setback, but you can also use it as an experience to help you come back stronger than before. Work on yourself and take it one day at a time – your confidence will soon make a comeback!

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