Our first family meal

If you follow me on Instagram you’ll know that I regularly post photos of what Erin eats. I like to make new things for her to try and I love seeing her get a bit messy. However, last week we had our first family meal… kind of!

Up until recently I have been cooking everything completely separate for Erin. Last week though I decided to make me and John and slow cooker beef stew. When it came to giving Erin her dinner on that day I varied from the normal plan. I gave her some of our stew as a bit of an experiment.

Generally, Erin likes carrots and she likes potato in some forms but she’s never had beef or gravy before so I didn’t know how this would go.

As you can see from the pictures above, Erin’s thoughts were a bit mixed! She started off really excited because it was dinner time and because I put a bowl in front of her.  Erin immediately reached out for the bowl and the food on it. She loves trying to feed herself now. However, Erin’s was not impressed. The carrots and potatoes were slippery and the beef was such a foreign texture to her. Luckily, Erin persevered and ended up really enjoying her stew! The bowl was nearly clean by the time she was done.

The stew was a MASSIVE hit.

After John and I had helped ourselves and Erin had her small bowl I had a bit left over. Erin now has 4 tiny pots of beef stew and dumplings in the freezer waiting for her.

I love that we have a meal we can now eat as a family. Normally John and I wait until Erin has gone to bed because of me cooking something different but we don’t have to with this meal! Being this excited about being able to have a family meal is probably a bit silly but it will be really nice to all eat together when we can.

Do you remember what your first family meal was?


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  1. She looks so cute, it looks delicious. well done for your family first, I’m going to start doing it next week…wish me luck!

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