Purple is not a flavour!

I don’t even know why this got me so riled up, or what even made John and I talk about it the other day. However, it annoys the crap out of me when people can’t use simple words like the correct flavour for something.

In case you hadn’t realised, purple is NOT a flavour. Purple is a colour. The flavour of a Fruit Shoot with a purple bottle is not purple flavoured, it’s blackcurrant (and maybe apple, I don’t know).

This annoyance is something that comes from working in a soft play center for a few years. Children would come up to the counter with their parents who asked which flavoured drink they would like. The response would 90% of the time be a colour, rather than a flavour. Orange is obviously the exception but I’m sure the child was asking according to colour rather than flavour.

Now, I’m new to parenting but is it the done thing to not teach your child simple things like flavours? Is apple so much harder to say than green? Urgh. I just don’t get it. Purple may have been a bad choice for this post because blackcurrant is clearly harder to say than purple. You get my point though!

Maybe it really is a proper development kind of thing and this is the order in which children learn. If it is then I might feel a bit silly after this post goes live but it won’t stop the fact that it drives me absolutely crazy!

When I aired my opinion to John, he Β said he hadn’t ever heard of anyone doing this. I do think my job has made me pay attention to some things more than the average parent. I also think I see/ hear things a lot more in any one day than most parents because it’s over and over again!

This is something I really hope Erin doesn’t pick up. It’s certainly something I’ll be watching out for.

16 thoughts on “Purple is not a flavour!”

  1. We all have little things that drive us crazy! I am pretty sure I refer to thinks as flavours with my only exception being sweets like wine gums because I’m never sure what the actual flavour is! So I like the red ones.

  2. Made me laugh! But yes, I so agree with you. We do have to correct our kids and while it may sound cute to refer to purple as a flavour when they are young. It wouldn’t sound the same when they are older πŸ˜‰

  3. Hmmm, I think it would depend on the age of the child. I don’t think i would bother me that much, as they may only be learning how to describe things, but I do hate to hear words used wrong – I can see how it drives you crazy!

  4. I guess that the kids perhaps don’t know what flavour it is, as in, a purple bottle could be blackcurrant or a few other different fruits. So funny how little things drive us crazy – and the more we notice it, the more it drives us crazy! haha

  5. I know as a non native English speaker, it’s something I could say if i don’t know the word. haha but for a kid, I guess it depends on the age too, if he’s 10…well yes! if I ask what flavour you want and answers purple huummmm it’s a bit weird!

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