Nuby Bug-a-Loop Teether Review

Erin has been getting so bored of her regular toys just recently so I’ve been on a mission to find her something new that didn’t cost a fortune. I have a couple of Nuby toys already but didn’t buy them myself so I had no idea what they cost. On a recent trip to Boots though I found out that the brand is extremely reasonable!

The Nuby Bug-a-Loop Teether cost £4.19 from my local Boots store but it can also be found online from various shops. It can, however, be purchased on Amazon as an add on item for only £3.

The Nuby Bug-a-Loop Teether is a brightly coloured teether which is shaped like a necklace. It is certainly larger than any other teether I have bought for Erin in the past. The teether is about 13cm in diameter. It is so large that my husband likes to have Erin wear it as a crown or a headband. She also manages to get it over her legs which causes a lot of frustration!

This teether, unlike others, is designed to help both the cutting of teeth and to help sore and painful gums. I didn’t even know you could get teethers that helped to cut in teeth! Erin has one trying to come through now though so I thought that this would be perfect for her.

I love the design of the teether. It is made up of different beads which come in various shapes and sizes. The material is BPA free so it’s nice and safe for babies. The beads come in different textures as well as shapes and Erin has already shown preference to some over others. There are also cute little animal beads as well such as a bee and a butterfly. For some reason, I do think this comes across as a bit girly but maybe it’s just me thinking that.

Erin is addicted to this thing at the moment. She hardly ever wants to put it down. We pretty much have to take it everywhere we go now. For the price, this teether is amazing and I am so happy we bought it.

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  1. Ooh I have seen these about but not really thought about buying it. E is just turned one and only has two yet but I can see two more peeping through. I think I might have to look at this again 🙂

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