Four Seasons Sorter By Sri Toys

A shape sorter was one of the first toys that I can remember Erin playing with that she got really excited about! We always love getting new toys to try and our most recent was the Four Seasons Sorter from Sri Toys

We’re big fans of wooden toys in this house. So many toys for toddlers are plastic and can end up looking a bit cheap at times. This shape sorter comes in a lovely, natural wooden box with a removable lid. The 20 different pieces that go inside though are painted and really bright and colourful. There are 5 different shapes for each season.

To be completely honest, I thought this looked way too complicated for Erin, who is now nearly 20 months old. When we first got the toy out to play with I thought that Erin would be more interested in what the shapes were rather than trying to fit them in the right places. I was completely wrong.

Erin very quickly figured out what she was supposed to do but did get very frustrated because of how many options there are. 20 is a lot of choice for a toddler her age. However, as long as I turn the box around to the right side she can do quite a lot of the shapes all on her own. Some of the shapes are particularly tricky though because of the small cut outs like the leaf shape.

Sri Toys
This has quickly become one of Erin’s favourite toys. She is quite happy looking at the shapes and saying the names of some but she definitely has more fun sitting on the floor with me and working out where the shapes go!

Sri Toys has such a fantastic range of toys. I have my eyes on a couple of the play sets such as Snow White or a Zoo!

Disclaimer: We received this item for the purpose of this post. All opinions are our own.


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