Get Your Home Ready For Autumn With These 4 Easy Steps

Get Your Home Ready For Autumn With These 4 Easy Steps

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Summer feels like a distant memory already, doesn’t it? With the weather seemingly changing over night and the nights drawing in, some of us are even contemplating turning on the heating already! But making the transition to Autumn is much more than new school uniforms and digging out your trusty old coat. Getting your home ready for the colder months will mean that when bad weather does hit, you’ll be ready for everything it can throw at you.

Unsure of where to start? Don’t worry, we’ve put together this handy guide of getting your home ready for Autumn in 4 easy steps!

Light it up

The colder months of the year means less and less daylight hours and the house seems to get so dark so quickly, doesn’t it? So, before the dark nights really set in, you need to make sure the house is well lit! Go through each room, one by one and make sure you’re happy with your lighting solutions. You might want to swap your traditional kitchen lights for LED strip lights from LED Hut and maybe even add a few scones to the hallway to make sure everyone can find their way to the bathroom in the middle of the night!

If updating the lighting fixtures is out of your budget right now, don’t worry you can still be proactive and make sure every bulb is working and even replace them with energy savers or LED lights.

Safety is paramount

We’re going to be using our gas appliances, we might be lighting candles, lighting fires in our fireplaces and of course using the stove to cook some gorgeous comfort food. So, now is the time to check all your safety devices. Check the batteries in your smoke alarms and your carbon monoxide alarms too. Go and do this now – before you forget!

Your garden/yard

After a busy summer enjoying the fantastic weather, many of us have been making the most of our outdoor spaces. So, now it’s time to put the garden to bed for the winter. Make sure any garden toys are cleaned and put away safely to be used next year – doing this will save you having to replace then next year!

If you have a BBQ – it’s an arduous task, but get it cleaned and put away safely from the elements. The last thing you want is to come to use it next year and find you’ve got a rust bucket to BBQ your burgers on…

Bring in your flowerpots. If you have plants that won’t fair well in colder temperatures then do them a favour and bring them inside. They’ll add a splash of colour to your home while they’re still in bloom!

And don’t forget to mow the lawn one last time before you pack away the lawnmower!

Make an emergency kit

Autumn/Winter brings with it power cuts and hours without lighting or electricity. Create a pack of candles, lighters, maybe even a gas stove. And replenish your family first aid kit while you’re at it.


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