Gift Ideas For 3 Year Olds

Gift Ideas For 3 Year Olds

It won’t be long before Erin turns 3 and with Christmas so close to her birthday, I always try to think about what to get her as early as possible. It’s getting harder now that she shows particular interest in certain things and has favourite television shows so unfortunately, I can’t shop quite as early as I used to. If you have someone’s birthday coming up, or friend’s parties to take presents to, here are some gift ideas for 3 year olds.

One of Erin’s favourite cartoons is Peppa Pig. She watches it most days and loves playing with the Peppa painting app on my tablet. The Personalised Peppa Pig Party Book from Penwizard is a great choice for any Peppa Pig fan. Prices start from £14.99, depending on which kind of book you want, and can be personalised in a few different ways. It’s great that you can make the character for your child look as much like them as possible and also have the book say how old they are going to be. We have a few different Penwizard books so far and this is a great one to add to the collection.

Talk & Sing Nella 

Another of Erin’s favourites is Nella the Princess Knight and I really enjoy watching this one with her. Talk & Sing Nella is just one of the toys in the Nella the Princess Knight toy range and costs around £22.99. Talk & Sing Nella sings the theme song from the show as well as saying various different phrases as well. I love that Nella is sassy and brave but at the same time has a talking unicorn as a best friend who is very much into very stereotypically girly things as well. I think Nella the Princess Knight is a great show for teaching young children it’s okay to be a whole mix of different things. Talk & Sing Nella would go great with the Cuddle Plush Trinket Soft Toy!

Learning Resources Birds in a Nest Sorting Set

This year, while we are trying to buy Erin presents that we know are fun and related to characters that she likes, we are also trying to include a few more educational gifts. Erin is doing so well at nursery and we want to be able to extend that learning and do more with her at home. Learning Resources is a fantastic company for these kinds of items and we have 2 wonderful products from them so far. The Birds in a Nest Sorting Set encourages early math skills, colours and sorting but there are loads of different ways that it can be played with!

Learning Resources Friendly Farm Animal Counters

Another set from Learning Resources is the Friendly Farm Animal Counters. This set comes with 72 pieces which are 6 different animals in 2 sizes but 6 different colours. As you can see from the picture above, each animal has a parent and baby variation. As with the Birds in a Nest Sorting Set this one also encourages early math skills, colours and sorting. A set like this though can be used for creating farm scenes on a Tuff Tray, using for learning with different themed books or even just for learning the names of different animals. 

Skip Hop Zoo Unicorn Backpack from Funky Pigeon 

Since Erin started nursery she has loved having her very own backpack. Now when I pick her up ready to go home she wants to put it on and carry it herself (it’s far too heavy though). Somewhere I hadn’t thought to look for gifts before was Funky Pigeon. I guess, probably like many others, I thought of Funky Pigeon more for greetings cards but I have been so surprised at how great their gift selection is. You can choose from things like puzzles, books and branded items like this Skip Hop Zoo Unicorn Backpack.

What do you think of our gift ideas? If you have a favourite, please let us know in the comments! 


Disclaimer: We received products for the purpose of this post. This post also contains affilliate links. All opinions are our own.  


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