Our Family Holiday To Puerto Pollensa, Majorca

The toddler who is obsessed with holidays

As a child I never really went on many holidays. We had a couple of trips to Butlins and some camping trips but I didn’t go abroad until I was 18. I remember the first time I went on holiday on my own and absolutely loving discovering somewhere else. Luckily, I married a man who likes holidays and exploring just as much as I do. It doesn’t take much to persuade him when it comes to booking a holiday and he’s happy to go anywhere as long as we do it together.

When Erin was born, due to us having a pretty rough time, we didn’t go on holiday until Erin was 21 months old. We didn’t go abroad but instead chose somewhere closer to home; Center Parcs. Up until quite recently we didn’t really think she remembered too much about it but when we started showing her photos from the holiday, Erin has begun to talk about what we did there now and again.

In April of this year we went on our first family holiday abroad to Puerto de Pollensa, Majorca and it went so much better than we could have hoped for. Erin was an absolute dream on the flight and apart from a few little tantrums, she loved being on holiday. From the moment we got home Erin was asking to go on holiday again. She loved flying away somewhere in a plane and she loved how exciting it all was.

Flying With A Toddler For The First Time

Luckily, we went on another holiday to Haven in June which seemed to keep her going a little bit. I don’t think Erin was quite as impressed with going on holiday on a bus compared with going on a plane. Still, we had a great time in Haven and Erin really loved that she got to have a bedroom for herself in the caravan and she also got to experience children’s entertainment for the first time!

I should have known really that Erin would come back asking to go on holiday immediately and she hasn’t stopped. I thought it would help that we have another holiday booked for October to go back to Center Parcs but it hasn’t helped at all. Every single day Erin asks to go on holiday again. She asks when we are going again. She asks to go on a plane.

I love that Erin is so enthusiastic about going on holiday and that we have been able to book 3 very different holidays this year. I’m not sure what the plan is for next year yet but I’m hoping to at least go somewhere. I want Erin to experience all different kinds of holidays so maybe we’ll try glamping somewhere for a few days or go to Haven again. No matter what we end up doing, I’m so glad Erin seems to have caught the holiday bug and that we have given her such good experiences so far.

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