Gift Ideas For A 4 Year Old

Gift Ideas For A 4 Year Old

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When it comes to buying birthday presents, the early years seemed so incredibly easy and I miss being able to buy whatever I liked the look of for Erin. Now though, she’ll be 4 on her next birthday and it’s an entirely different story. Erin likes completely different things than she did 6 months ago and she’s now starting to point out things that she likes and is a lot more receptive to the power of advertising. I’ve put together a post with some gift ideas for a 4 year old.

Hape Balance Wonder

In our family we like to do gifts a certain way. We like for there to be one ‘big’ gift for birthdays with a few other smaller gifts. If you’re soon to be 4 year old is itching to move up from a toddler bike then the Hape Balance Wonder could be a great choice. I personally love the black and white colours and the adjustable seat means that you can tailor it to suit your child!

SFR Stomper Pink Girls Adjustable Tri Roller Skates

On our way to nursery each day we walk across a really big park and we often see children doing fun things like riding on scooters or using roller blades. Of course, being nearly 4, she wants to do the same things as the older children because ‘she’s a big girl’. The SFR Stomper Pink Girls Adjustable Tri Roller Skates are a great way to introduce children to roller skating. They are adjustable to make sure they fit properly and the larger back wheels help stability.

Over the past couple of months Erin has really begun to get into what I call proper games, rather than just playing with her normal toys. We already have a board where you can put together magnetic faces so I knew that Erin would be a fan of Mr Pop as soon as I saw it. The aim is to pick a face to put together from a selection of cards and then race against time to complete it! Mr Pop is suitable for children age 4+ and can be played along or with friends.

Soggy Doggy's Friends Dizzy

Erin is mad about dogs and if she had her own way, we would be getting one in a heartbeat. That’s not going to happen any time soon though so a great birthday gift would be Soggy Doggys Friends: Dizzy. Dizzy is an interactive toy who can make sounds when you play with him, sleep and even be taken for a walk when you attach his lead.

BABY born surprise

If the child you’re buying for is into blind bags, collectable and dolls then BABY born surprise would make a fantastic gift. Inside each pack you get to unwrap the baby who will be swaddled in a cute cocoon, see if it’s a girl or boy by the colour of the bottle, wipe it’s eyes to reveal eye colour and also use the bottle to help them use their nappy!

Teamsterz Micro Motorz

Erin absolitely love cars and we spend so much time having races with them in the living room. She loves the kind that can go on their own so the Teamsterz Micro Motorz would be a great gift. There are 20 different cars to collect and at pocket money prices, they won’t break the bank. These make great little filler presents that can be collected over time or swapped with friends.

Is your child 4? Do you have any other ideas for birthday presents at this age?


Gift Ideas For A 4 Year Old

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  1. Those were a really lovely gift ideas. Thank you for sharing. My niece is turning 4 next month and I am actually looking for some gifts.

  2. Oh wow, that wooden balance bike looks gorgeous! We’ve just moved on from balance bike to first proper bike, otherwise I’d be tempted.

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