Glitz and glam with the Hamsters!

Glitz and glam with the Hamsters!

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With Christmas not that far away, I know we’ll all be thinking about what to buy our children pretty soon (if not already). With that in mind, it’s time to meet the Hamstars… cute creatures who love hair, fashion and music!

Erin with Hamstars playsets


There are various different sets available but you can also just buy one of the original Hamstars, and there are multiple to collect. Each Hamstar has their own name; the one pictured below is Pattie.


Inside the box you’ll find one Hamstar and a selection of accessories. Pattie came with various hair accessories such as a comb, clips and bobbles, a handbag, and straighteners with glitter gel. The accessories allow for children to play in lots of different ways and the style can be changed each time.

Hamstars Pattie with accessories

One of the Hamstars special features is the adjustable hair length. This can be altered by their tail on the back, which is wound either up or down. I really love this as it’s not something I’ve ever seen on a toy before and it means children have an additional feature to play with.

Hamstars Pattie with straighteners and glitter gel

The clear favourite with Pattie though was the straighteners and the silver glitter gel that it came with. The straighteners have foam pads inside where you can apply the gel. Children can then smooth over their Hamstar’s hair and add a glittery colour. Of course, Erin wanted this on her own hair too.

Hamstars Cutie Popstar Micro Party

With their love of music, the Hamstars Cutie Popstar Micro Party set is the perfect fit! Coming in the form of a microphone, inside you’ll find a super cute Hamstar waiting to show off their talents.

Hamstars Cutie Popstar Micro Party 3

Once you’ve opened up the top of the microphone, you can separate the purple halves underneath to reveal great accessories. As the Hamstar is getting ready to put on a show for everyone, this set comes with a microphone and a guitar.

Hamstars Cutie Popstar Micro Party 2

One of the other great features about this particular set is that there is storage for the accessories! With toys like this it can be easy to lose the smaller pieces so the storage underneath the top of the microphone (in the purple halves) was such a good idea.

Hamstars Cutie Popstar Micro Party 1

As soon as your Hamstar is ready for the show, press the purple star on the pink section of the microphone to play music! The instructions also show how to change the batteries should you need to (the set comes with batteries included).

Hamstars Popstar Speaker Dressing Room

One of the bigger sets available is the Hamstars Popstar Speaker Dressing Room. As creatures who love music and fashion, this is such a great idea for a playset. When you open up the box you’ll find a cardboard dressing room, which also has 1 drawer in the front (1 is fake).

Hamstars Popstar Speaker Dressing Room set with bag of accessories

Inside the drawer, you’ll find a bag full of fantastic accessories to use with the Hamstar. Much like with the other sets, these accessories include bobbles, grips and a comb. However, this set also comes with two different coloured hair chalks (green and pink in this case).

Hamstars Popstar Speaker Dressing Room set hair chalks

As I’m sure you can imagine, this was a huge hit with Erin and she couldn’t wait to get started. The hair chalks weren’t as messy as I’d imagined them to be and Erin actually managed to use them without getting them all over herself which was a huge bonus.

Hamstars Popstar Speaker Dressing Room set clip in hair

The dressing room set up makes it easy for children to imagine getting their Hamstar ready for a concert. Erin wanted to make sure the hair was just right and spent ages combing it through and then adding accessories such as clips!

Hamstars are such fun toys and the variety of sets available means there is plenty to choose from!

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