Shuffle Paw Patrol Card Game Review

AD | Includes gifted item and affiliate links Paw Patrol was one of the first cartoons that I really remember Erin liking and now aged 4 she loves it just as much. I’m not sure we get through even one day without watching at least one episode. Getting Erin to pay attention to games can sometimes be quite tricky depending on what kind of mood she’s in but I thought maybe if we had one using her favourite characters we might have a better chance. During our time at home recently we’ve been playing Shuffle Paw Patrol (AD). This game is

Encouraging Outdoor Play With Gazillion Bubbles

AD | Gifted It’s been just over a week since the country went into a sort of lock down and staying at home became the new norm. If, like me, you are used to going out every day, your child going to school or nursery, amongst other regular day to day tasks then you might be struggling by now. Between trying to home school Erin, keep the house clean and look after my own mental health it can all seem to get a bit too much sometimes. We are very lucky to have a pretty large back garden and although

44 Cats The Club House Playset Review

AD | Paid collaboration A little while ago I wrote about a fantastic cartoon 44 Cats! Erin still loves to watch it and we were recently sent one of the toys from the show; The Club House Playset – Milady’s Place! Erin couldn’t wait to open it up and start playing.  This is quite a small playset and it comes with a Milady figure, complete with sunglasses as an accessory, as well as a bed, food and stickers to decorate with. As we have a cat ourselves so Erin immediately wanted to feed Milady and make sure she had everything

Baby Annabell Carriage Pram Review

AD | Gifted I think it was from Erin staring nursery that she started to show an interest in doll and babies and it wasn’t long before she was asking for one of her own. Over the past couple of years Erin has changed how she plays with her dolls and she loves the accessories that go with them. Erin was recently sent a pretty big accessory and that was the Baby Annabell Carriage Pram. A new pram or pushchair is something Erin had wanted for a while so when she first saw it saying she was excited would be

Discovering Something New For British Science Week

AD | Gifted Did you know that it’s British Science Week from 6-15th March? Erin has really shown an interest in science and experiments over the last couple of months so we couldn’t wait to try out some of Learning Resources’ science toys and resources, some of which are new! Erin was sent a couple of products to celebrate British Science Week and for her to try out something new. Usually, when I ask Erin what she wants to do she says experiments. We’re not very good at thinking things up ourselves though and anything we try to do at

BABY born Toothcare Spa Review

AD | Contains gifted items and affiliate links Erin hasn’t always been great at brushing her teeth. If it’s not falling asleep before bedtime it might be pure unwillingness to do it. We have had so many days of it taking ages to get the job done but luckily, Erin has started to get a bit better with it. One way that we have found to help in situations like this is to learn through play. Erin loves to play with her dolls and can think of new things to do with the BABY born brother and BABY born sister

Let’s Make Learning Fun With Blippi Toys

AD | Post contains gifted items and affiliate links (marked with *) When we started to let Erin watch YouTube I wondered what there might be for children her age. Obviously, that’s not something I went looking to watch on my own. Erin quickly found a couple of favourites and one of those was Blippi, an American channel full of fun and educational videos for children. There haven’t been many days that have gone by since then that Erin hasn’t watched at least one Blip video and we’re always waiting for a new one to be uploaded. Although Blippi has

Erin’s First Mud Kitchen

We’re very lucky to have big back garden, even if it’s not the nicest of spaces. However, we have a big patch of lawn and we have a decent sized patio area so there is plenty of room for Erin to play. Something that I’ve wanted to get her for quite a long time is a mud kitchen. She had one at her first nursery and LOVED playing with it. I knew if we had one it would be something Erin got a lot out of and this was what we got her for her 4th birthday. It wasn’t originally