You can be anything! Discover exciting careers with Barbie

AD | Paid collaboration Barbie, is one of the world’s most popular toys and was first released by American toy company Mattel in 1959. Barbie has really evolved since then though, offering a much more diverse range of toys. Not just a fashion doll, Barbie can help children to realise ‘you can be anything’.

Creative building with Connetix Tiles

AD | Paid collaboration When it comes to toys, we try to look for things that Erin can use again and again, getting great value for money. If the toy is educational too, then that’s a huge bonus. Connetix Tiles offers fun and interesting packs, giving children the ability to create anything their minds can come up with!

Improve your geography knowledge with the Flags of the World game

AD | PR item We watch a lot of quiz shows at home, anything from The Chase to Richard Osman’s House of Games. However, one area that isn’t my best is geography and world flags. Tactic Games have come to the rescue though with their Flags of the World game.

Discover new places with the Children of the World game

AD | PR sample Being a family who loves to travel, I think it’s important to learn about the world but sometimes that can be hard to do with children. Tactic Games have a great game for kids though; Children of the World and we recently got to play it with Erin.

The benefits of imaginative play for children

AD | Paid collaboration There are so many different ways that children can play, which also changes as they get older. Imaginative play, when children take on some kind of role, can really help their development. Discover some of the benefits of imaginative play and how role play toys from can help.

Win a glow in the dark Push N Popz fidget toy

AD | Post contains gifted items Can you believe Christmas is less than 2 months away now? Where has this year gone? I know a lot of us are trying to save money where we can this year. The cost of bills creeping up all of the time and it’s hard to know where to cut those costs. Entering giveaways is such a great ideas to try and win some Christmas presents. Today, you can win a set of 2 glow in the dark Push N Popz fidget toy from Wicked Uncle. Find the giveaway