Goodbye Summer, Hello Autumn Wardrobe

As soon as the schools went back after the summer holidays it seemed like summer went away as well. We were met with storms and extremely heavy winds and days and days of rain. I was hopeful that this wouldn’t last but I was wrong. The sun and warmth had well and truly gone and Autumn was here!

Every year I put the majority of my Autumn clothes in a big box in my wardrobe as soon as the weather starts to get nicer. Normally I try to leave them there until at least the end of September but this year I had a good sort out and changed my clothes over in the very first week of September. I’m not sure I’ve ever done it this early before. The summer vests have now been swapped with cardigans and jumpers!

This year I had to buy a couple of new items for my Autumn wardrobe. A few jumpers had seen better days and while I have a big, heavy winter coat, I didn’t have something for the slightly cooler but wetter weather.

I LOVE my new raincoat from Next. I have seen a lot of yellow about this season but I couldn’t resist when I came across this gorgeous shade of green. The coat is really warm and I have only had to wear a t-shirt underneath it so far. It’s nice that it has a big hood and loads of pocket space as well.

I tend to only wear a few different colours and the main one being navy. Being a plus size woman, I like colours and clothes that hide a multitude of problems. I have a navy tunic from Next and I was so happy when I found it in a different colour and pattern. I love that the colour will go perfectly with the rest of my clothes and it’s so easy to wear.

I’m still looking for some new jumpers for this year. A lot of mine from last year and the year before got worn out and needed replacing but I haven’t quite found what I want yet. I love big, over-sized jumpers because they’re so comfy to wear around the house and also super warm for when you’re out and about.

What are your Autumn wardrobe must haves?

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