Home Extension Dreams

Home Extension Dreams

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When we bought our home in 2014 we knew it needed a lot of work. It’s partly why we got it at the price we did and also why we were able to afford to get on the ladder at that time in the first place. We have a decent sized 4 bedroom semi but some things just don’t work for us. We have a galley kitchen and a bathroom at the back of the house and there just isn’t enough space. I would absolutely love to have an extension added on to the side of the kitchen and I already have a wish list of what it would have.

Separate Spaces

We already have a 25ft L shaped living room/ dining room/ office which is open plan and some areas of the room are too open for my liking. If we had an extension it would sit at the back of this room and to the side of the kitchen. If we had all of this open plan it would be one absolutely massive room. I would love for the kitchen and dining area to be one room and for Erin to have a bigger play area in the living room.

Natural Light

At the moment our dining room and my office are really dark and especially in winter, there is barely any natural light at all. The back area of the room has one window and it makes taking photos very hard a lot of the time. Roof Windows have a fantastic selection and I love the Flat Roof Window Smoke Ventilation Systems. With a toddler in the house safety is so important and not only do these windows let in loads of light but they’re designed to open automatically in case of a fire.


As I’ve said, we have a galley kitchen at the moment and it is so badly designed. We only have 1 double cupboard, one without a door on and 2 corner cupboards as well the usual one under the sink. I’m sure you can imagine that we have hardly any storage space and have to use the tops of the cupboards where we can. A well designed kitchen would be one of the most important aspects of an extension and I would want every amazing gadget I could have!

Having an extension is such a big job and something that takes up a lot of time and money. A well thought out extension can not only add a nice amount to the value of your home but also make family life so much easier.

What would be your home extension dreams?

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