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Home Improvements To Think About For The New Year

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While this year hasn’t been easy for the majority of us it has given a lot of us the motivation to get things done at home. This year a lot of people have managed to tackle some jobs around the house or garden that they might have been putting off for quite some time. Some people have taken on big makeovers either in the the house or outside.

Now though, 2021 is just around the corner and I have been thinking about things I want to get done in my own home over the next year and I wanted to share some ideas with you.

A home office revamp

I’ve had my office set up in the same way for a good few years now. I bought my desk when I had to work downstairs and I had a lot more space then but now it takes up so much space in my office. In the new year I would love to change my desk style completely and go for a corner desk. I have my eye on one already and it would free up a lot of space in my office.

Bedroom flooring

There are only a few areas of our house that now need new flooring and one of those is mine and John’s bedroom. At the minute we have bare floorboards and they’re quite cold. The floorboards need a little bit of repair work to them but we would also really like to have the floor covered with carpet.

We’ve already done some research and found that Designer Carpet have a really great range of carpets and remnant offcuts as well as rugs!

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Adding some colour

When we moved into our house a wall in our bedroom was bright pink and I hated it. I quickly painted over it with a light purple colour but I don’t really like it very much any more. I want to paint the wall at the back of our bed in a new, more grown up looking colour. This is a nice and cheap thing to fix as it’s only one wall and might only take one tin of paint. It’s also something I can get done relatively quickly.

Updating old electric sockets

We live in a Victorian house and unfortunately the previous owners did a lot of crazy things like paint over plug sockets with emulsion paint. We have quite a few sockets that aren’t built into the walls nicely and they stick out and this makes things difficult when it comes to furniture. Next year we are hoping to update some of the older sockets, even just with new coverings before we can get them put into the walls properly.

Are you looking to make some improvements to your home next year? Let me know what your plans are!


Home Improvements To Think About For The New Year

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