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Home Smart Lighting with 4Lite Wiz Connected

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Smart home lighting has exploded in popularity in recent years with many homes looking for the next big thing in smart home electronics and home automation. The new range of 4Lite Wiz Connected lighting products available at led bulbs is just that. Super simple to set up and use if you’ve been thinking about taking the plunge then now is a perfect time. 

Fully Integrated

There are endless possibilities with smart lighting integrations. Using Smart Things from Samsung, IFTTT or Google Home you can hook up your lights to work with just about any service you can think of. 

One cool practical application is to sync your outdoor lights with Domino’s (or the pizza shop of your choice) and when your order is out for delivery, you can change the colour of your lights to make it easy for the delivery driver to find your house. 

If you already have smart technology in your home you can set up hooks and actions with those too. If you have a smart Carbon Monoxide Detector, you can set up an alert to change all the lights in the home to Red for peace of mind, or you can set up a motion sensor outside the house and set your lights to come on at full brightness when they detect movement at night.

One of the most popular uses of smart lighting such as 4Lite is to create what’s called “mockupancy”. As we’re easing out of the COVID19 restrictions, we’re bound to be spending more time out of the house. For security and peace of mind, you can set the lights in certain rooms to be turned on or off at specific times of the day to simulate the occupancy of the home.

Fully Customisable

The smart lighting range from 4Lite is available in a wide range of fittings so you can get light bulbs that can replace your existing bulbs, pendant and hanging lights for decorative twists or recessed downlights that would be perfect for the bathroom or kitchen. 

The possibilities for lighting your home the smart way are endless.

No Hubs, No Wires

The best thing about this tech? It’s all Wifi controlled. No home hub is required so you can have full control from your phone and you can even set these lamps up to your Amazon Alexa or Google Home assistant for totally hands-free operation. 

If you’ve thought about smart lighting in the past but have been apprehensive to take the plunge then there really is no better time to brighten your life the smart way!

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