How to Decorate Your Space with Formal Living Room Furniture

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A formal living room isn’t one of the top choices of homeowners. But a few also prefer the sophistication and elegance of this home-style. Think Bellagio, Hard Rock, Ritz-Carlton. If your living room has the makings of a prim-and-proper living room space, then read our tips on how to achieve this home design.

1. Choose a focal point

As with any other home decor, creating a focal point lures the eyes and becomes the centerpiece of any space. In a sophisticated space, don’t just choose any kind of central focal point element. It has to be as luxurious as the entire space. It can be an elegant oversized painting, a luxurious piece of furniture, or an exquisite fireplace in the middle of the living room. Overall, choose a luxurious focal point that stands out from the entire space.

2. Achieve symmetry

One element of an exquisite living room style is to achieve symmetry. If you’re arranging your sofa, ensure that it creates a visual balance that contributes to overall design cohesion. Moreover, symmetry in this home decor goes beyond the furniture pieces. You must check your other house components if there is also symmetry from your flooring, windows, and even artwork.

All elements like your living room sets must be placed in pairs. The accessories and accent pieces must be in pairs as well. Furthermore, to achieve visual symmetry, you can find items that are similar in size and style.

3. Go for antique furniture

There is timeless elegance in antique furniture. And that is why you should find gold in antique furniture items and accessories. However, be careful not to transform it into a traditional or rustic home design with an outdated feel. Ensure that you pair these accessories with beautiful and elegant light fixtures like chandeliers or sconces made of brass or crystal.

4. Decorate with velvets and silks

There is nothing more exquisite than velvets and silks. These types of fabrics scream luxury and comfort. For one, they look the part. Undeniably, velvets and silks are mostly associated with upscale society.

In fact, silk’s history dates back to the Shang Dynasty in 1600 BCE. History reveals that silk was only worn by emperors and royalty in China. And this association with this classy fabric is still adapted today. Moreover, this elegance has something to do with the exquisite sheen that exudes sophistication.

5. Dark wooden living room set

Wood is also another staple in a living room. Choose a sofa made from dark-colored oak or mahogany. You may also opt for hardwood with stunning lacquer or polyurethane finish for your sofa or other living room furniture. The most important thing is when choosing furniture for living room spaces, always go for the dark tones to achieve a stately look. Use light-colored wood sporadically as ornamental decorations only.

6. Don’t neglect accessories

Achieving a sophisticated living room design doesn’t only stop at purchasing a Mahogany sofa or exquisite furniture items. Homeowners shouldn’t neglect bits and pieces of accessories that are a staple in prim-and-proper living room decor.

You can display carved mirrors on both sides of the space to achieve symmetry. High ceilings are another element in a luxurious space and mirrors make the entire room bigger, elevating the architecture. Or try to display accent pieces with hand-carved elements and silver and gold leafing.

Another idea for an accessory is to don your sofa with pillows that have tassels or ruffles. For your upholstery, you may also integrate fringes at the bottom to create a sophisticated look.

Final Thoughts

Creating your dream formal living room is easy as long as you stick to dark tones, symmetry, high rises, and exquisite accent pieces. If you want to find the best living room furniture products that exude elegance, and beauty, check out Local Furniture Outlet’s extensive list of collections.

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