How To Enjoy A British Christmas

How To Enjoy A British Christmas

Christmas is only a couple of months away, so the time has come to start planning how you will celebrate the festive season with your spouse, family and/or friends.

Thankfully, there are a variety of ways to have a little fun with your loved ones, as you can embrace various British traditions to ensure you have the best Christmas to-date. Here are some top tips on how to enjoy a British Christmas.

Stock Up on Your Favourite Festive Foods

Let’s face it, British people become more than a little obsessed with food at Christmas. No yuletide holiday would be complete without mince pies, Brussel sprouts, mulled wine, panettone, and a yule log, right? It is the perfect way to eat, drink and be merry. Be sure to stock up before the Christmas rush, though. Have enough food for Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day.

Judge the Best Christmas Adverts

The classic Coca-Cola advert used to signal the official start of the festive season. However, John Lewis now arguably produces the most hotly-anticipated Christmas ad, with various food retailers competing with the retailer to secure the best festive TV ad every year. Christmas now wouldn’t be complete without people talking – or arguing – about the best ad of the year, which all adds to the festive fun.

Invest in a Quality Winter Coat for Each Family Member

Cold weather is a guarantee for Christmas in Great Britain, and it will refuse to leave all winter long. Ensure you are both warm and cosy by purchasing a high-quality winter coat, which can protect you from the wind, rain and snow. Have a day out at the shops, or searching online, for coats your family will enjoy. Think womens duffle coat for Mum, a duffle coat for Dad, and cute and adorable coats for the kids. Let them pick their own.

Book Tickets to a Pantomime

Pantomimes are a Christmas staple, which is why you should definitely book tickets to a show near you to laugh aloud and embrace the festive season. It is brilliant for both kids and adults, as there are always some tongue and cheek jokes that will make Mum and Dad laugh, and it allows you to embrace your inner child when shouting “He’s/she’s behind you!” before a cast member sprays you with water or throws sweets into the audience.

Pull a Christmas Cracker

Christmas dinner is not complete until you have pulled a cracker with your loved ones at the table. It’s the perfect way to start off the festive feast, so you can all don your colourful festive hats and share cheesy jokes that will encourage conversation.

Plus, they can add a little colour and fun to your dining table ahead of your much-anticipated roast dinner. It is the ultimate Christmas Day tradition in Britain.

Save Money for the Boxing Day Sales

It can often make financial sense to save your money for the Boxing Day sales, as most retailers will slash the prices of their items. Not only can you treat yourself or a loved one to a half-price games console, TV or clothing, but the busy shopping trip will also provide an opportunity to burn off your Christmas dinner and mince pies. You could even stock up on next year’s Christmas decorations for a fraction of the price.


How To Enjoy A British Christmas

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