How to give your bathroom a makeover

How to give your bathroom a makeover

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In any living space, the bathroom is one of the most functionally important rooms. It’s used literally every day, when we wake up and when we go to bed. 

Yet despite their importance, bathrooms are frequently overlooked, over time becoming dirty, broken and simply unpleasant to use. While you can get a new bathroom fitted, it’s often enough to simply give your existing one a thorough makeover – here’s how.

Choose an aesthetic

Before you get started with your bathroom makeover, you need to choose a look, so that you don’t end up with a mismatch of conflicting styles. Choose an aesthetic that matches your house – there’s a bit of leeway in terms of things not matching totally, but if you’ve already gone for a very intentional look, it’s probably worth sticking with it. For more inspiration on bathroom ideas, you might want to check out this article on bathroom trends in 2022. 

Install new wall panels or tiles

At some point, you’ll have to decide whether you want your new, madeover bathroom to have modern bathroom wall panels or traditional tiles. While tiles may have a little more authenticity to them, there are a whole host of benefits associated with wall panels. 

First, wall panels are much cheaper to install – you just lay a whole panel on and you’ve done what would have taken hours with individual tiles. Second, they’re easier to clean. 

You have a fraction the amount of grouting compared to standard tiling, meaning less mold and less cleaning. 

Finally, they’re often a lot cheaper than normal tiles. That’s a lot of reasons to get bathroom wall panels right there.

Get a new sink and fixtures

A new sink and new fixtures can massively improve the look of a bathroom; old sinks can become stained and cracked, while older taps and faucets can become sullied and stained over time. 

There are plenty of options, and you can think outside of the box if you like, with things like handmade taps sold by artisans on Etsy. Once you’ve chosen one, all that’s left is to find a qualified plumber who can install it all for you.

Have a custom cabinet made

While this is especially the case if you have a bathroom with unusual angles and shapes, any bathroom can massively benefit from having custom fitted cabinets. 

If you’re not sure what you want, talk to a few carpenters, have them round to have a look and ask them to give you their vision. It might be pricey, but it can make a world of difference both to the utility of the space and to how it looks.

Enjoy and look after it

Once you’ve given your bathroom a makeover, it’s important to look after it. Regular deep cleans are necessary to stop mold from building up, and can stop stains from developing over time on glass, metal and ceramic surfaces. 

Other than that, now it’s simply time to enjoy all of your hard work – that being said, it’ll be hard not to!

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