What to Look for When Buying a Used Car

What to Look for When Buying a Used Car

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Choosing a used car should be a great experience, but can sometimes be a time for doubts, errors of judgement and regrets. Here are some points to consider before you even set foot in your car dealer’s territory.

Read Reviews

Always check out reviews, looking for details about the customer service, the product’s quality and condition, after sales servicing, and the prices of the products or services for sale.

Bear in mind with reviews, that while almost all of those (approximately 90% of those who suffer bad service or who feel that they were taken advantage of in some way) who are unhappy with a product or service, will write a review about their poor experience, only a few (approximately 10%) of those who are happy with their experience will similarly write a review.

This means that some of the bad reviews should be taken with a pinch of salt, although they can raise important factors that you would not have otherwise thought about – bad reviews can help you to avoid pitfalls even if you still decide to choose that particular vendor for other reasons.

Check Out the Car History

How do you know if your chosen used car is in as good condition as it appears to be? There are several online databases which can let you know this information. Cars that have had insurance claims against them, that have been declared write-offs or that have been involved in major accidents should all be listed on these sites, with the information being provided by the insurance companies and vehicle authorities precisely to ensure that unroadworthy cars are not patched up and resold to make a quick buck – potentially a highly dangerous practice.

Find the Best Dealer 

But even these lists can be circumnavigated and don’t contain information about cars that are hard used but not badly enough to be written off. The best way to make sure you get a good quality, well-cared for used vehicle is to only buy your second-hand cars from reliable and trustworthy dealers. KAP Motors sell pre-loved cars with 100% guarantee. Get your dream car today from KAP Used Cars Brighton Showroom.

Understand What You Want

Finally, make a note of everything you want from your car. Do you value economy or power? Would you prefer a nondescript vehicle or do you like to make a bit of a splash? Do you need easy payment terms or can you buy your vehicle outright? And so on. Armed with your list, you can pop into your preferred dealership and make your choice, knowing that your perfect car is almost within your reach.

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