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How to Help Your Dog Adjust to a New Groomer

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Grooming is a delicate thing for your dog especially when they’re in the hands of someone new. Pick a groomer you trust that’ll help your furry friend looks his best. Not to mention, the dog needs to be comfortable with the new groomer. Here are some ways to help your dog adjust to a new groomer.

Practice Handling Your Dog At Home

Grooming involves touching delicate areas like the ears, paws, and tail. If you’ve used dog grooming supplies at home, then your dog may already be accustom to this type of treatment. In the hands of a professional groomer, this is valuable because home training can help your dog relax. 

Also, bringing a favorite chew toy can help keep your faithful one calm because there’s something familiar in the new environment. A dog groomer may have a quiet room to help your dog stay relaxed and away from all the noise coming from other pets. 

Visit the Groomer Before the Fur Appointment

Another thing to do is to have your dog meet with the groomer beforehand. Maybe have a few of the dog’s favorite toys around. The dog can sniff the groomer’s hands and get a feel for him before the big day.

When your dog is familiar with that person, your little one can bring its guard down. He might even see the groomer as a friendly face. Additionally, they’ll know the environment and won’t be as anxious because it won’t be new to them. 

Finding the Right Groomer

Even if your dog adjusts well to the new groomer, you still need to know things about him first. Ask family and friends for recommendations. Does the groomer work well with big and little dogs? How does he work with a nervous dog? 

What type of dog hairstylist supplies does he use? These are all valid questions because you want to make sure your dog looks amazing after any style that you want your dog to have after the experience. Not to mention, you want the dog to like the person so you can keep going back from time to time. 

It can take time for a dog to feel calm in a new environment. The right dog groomer has a general love for pets and makes them feel comfortable cleaning and styling their fur. Take time to pick the ideal groomer for your pet’s needs. 

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