How to Make Your Home More Energy Efficient 5 Actions to Take Today

How to Make Your Home More Energy Efficient: 5 Actions to Take Today

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All homeowners have heard about green living. With climate change news constantly dominating the airwaves, more and more of us are looking at ways to lower our carbon footprint and help protect the planet. Whether you’re an outspoken eco-warrior or haven’t got the foggiest about being eco-friendly, there are simple actions you can take today to be more eco-conscious, especially in your home.

From changing lightbulbs to shelling out on solar panels, here are some ways on how you can make your property more energy efficient today.

Turn the Thermostat Down

Firstly, if you’re wanting to save energy in your home, the best place to start is by keeping your central heating on low. With the cost of living crisis firmly in our minds, no one wants to be paying more in energy. If you are dreading the monthly bill landing at your door, something simple like turning down your thermostat can save you energy and money. While we don’t recommend this step during the cold winter months, once spring and summer arrive, lowering your heating down by a couple of degrees can have a huge impact on the cost of your heating. 

Examine Your Windows and Doors

Double-glazing has been around for years and years. While many properties up and down the UK have double-glazing, there are still plenty of homes that have single-glazed. Regarding the latter, single-glazed windows aren’t exactly great for keeping the heat in. Now is the time to take a look at your windows and doors to check whether they’re up to scratch. Even changing your window handles can improve your property’s energy efficiency. Check out these replacement window handles from GB DIY Store. They also sell door handles and door lock gearboxes.

Switch Electronics Off

We bet that if you were to walk around each room of your home, there is a very good chance you’ll have something plugged in and switched on that’s draining energy. Whether it’s the TV in your bedroom or hairdryer, there are lots of gadgets and appliances that should be switched off completely, rather than being left on standby. Once you get into the habit of switching everything off, you will be surprised at how much energy and money you’ll save annually. 

Install Solar Panels

While this one is more on the pricier side, if you really want to be eco-friendlier and conserve energy, now may be the time to install solar panels. They’re renewable, low maintenance, and energy-efficient. The cost of installing solar panels will vary. It all depends on the kind of property you have, where you reside and how many solar panels you want to install. 

Switch to Energy Efficient Lightbulbs

Are you the type of shopper that picks up any old lightbulb off the shelf? If the answer is yes, it’s wise to be more conscious of what lightbulbs you buy. This is because energy-efficient lightbulbs help in lowering electric bills and carbon dioxide emissions without compromising on the quality of light in your home.

Caring for the planet and doing your bit to help the environment can truly go a long way. You don’t have to make drastic changes either. There are simple changes you can make within the home that can reduce your carbon footprint and ultimately, contribute towards tackling climate change.

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