How To Save Money On Your Mobile Phone Bill

How To Save Money On Your Mobile Phone Bill

I remember getting my first ever mobile phone. It was a large silver Motorola phone and I remember it being different because most of my friends had the Nokia 3310. Back then it was pretty much PAYG only unless you wanted an expensive monthly tariff with minimal minutes and texts included. Thankfully these days there are so many different mobile phones available and loads of tariffs to choose from but that doesn’t mean you’re getting the best price! Today I’m sharing some tips on how to save money and get the best mobile phone deals.


I generally tend to take on mobile phone contracts that last for around 24 months and by the end of this time, the handset I have is usually at the end of it’s life. When it comes to upgrading your handset it’s easy to go for the newest and best model available. However, choosing a handset that has been available for a little longer could save you a fair bit of money. Slightly older handsets tend to be cheaper overall and might not come with an upfront cost.


Nowadays there are so many different tariffs available and this is where you can really save some money on your mobile phone bill every month. One of the things that affects to cost of a tariff is how much data you are allowed to use. You can ask your current provider to let you know how much data you use on average per month and this will enable you to choose the right tariff for you. There’s no point in paying for extra data each month if you are unlikely to use it.

Shop around

I remember when there was only a few different mobile phone providers and there wasn’t a lot to choose from. Now, there are so many different options and they all have varying tariffs and offers running at all times. While it’s easy to stay with your current provider, it could save you quite a bit of money if you spend some time shopping around at upgrade time.

Sim only

One of the things that brings the cost of a mobile phone up is getting a new handset. Sometimes you pay an upfront cost or sometimes the tariff is a higher price to cover the cost of the phone. If your phone is still in a good working order and you don’t need it to do anything else then it’s worth thinking about getting a sim only deal. By not getting a new handset you can save a lot of money on your monthly bill.

Each of these tips can help to save you quite a lot of money on your monthly bill so next time your contract is coming to an end, be sure to keep these in mind.


How To Save Money On Your Mobile Phone Bill

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