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Improving Motivation With A Lumie Desklamp

My office is in a really dark and dingy corner of the house. We have a big 24ft living room/ dining room with a bit extra added on to the side, making it an L shape. The L bit used to be a different room at some point but there is no light fitting. When the sun sets and it’s dark outside I am left working either looking at our garden or the curtains, neither of which give me extra light! I work from home full time now and I generally don’t sit down to work until 7pm after Erin has gone to bed. It doesn’t take long for it to get dark but I find myself not wanting to work sometimes. I hate working in dark conditions. It is just so uninspiring and it also doesn’t make me feel very happy or motivated at all. We recently had the opportunity to try out a Lumie Desklamp and I couldn’t wait! If you haven’t heard of Lumie before then it’s important to know that their products are designed to help symptoms of SAD, depression and other conditions, as well as helping productivity at work. Perfect for evening workers like me!

As I got it out of the box, the desklamp was much bigger than I thought it would be. I don’t know why I thought it would be smaller. Anyway, I was instantly impressed with the overall look. The main body of the lamp is made from white plastic which matches my desk really well. The neck is grey and adjustable. This is the kind of lamp that will suit pretty much any room and any decor. I have the desklamp on my desk at home and it is quite close to my iMac. It is recommended that you place the desklamp at least 1m away from electronics as they can sometimes interfere with the sensor. I personally haven’t had any problems so far though.

The Lumie desklamp has a touchpad sensor which is how you turn it on and off. There are 4 different light settings, ranging from 40-100% brightness. You can either tap the sensor to change or you can hold it down and release when you get to the desired light setting. The lamp also comes with a removable diffuser so it can be even brighter if needed. It is recommended that you don’t look at the light directly but the light must reach your eyes to have any effect.

Just 30 minutes a day without the diffuser, or 60 minutes with can make a big difference. However, you can also have the lamp on all day if you want to, picking up bits of light as you walk past etc.

Since using the Lumie Desklamp I have really begun to see an improvement in my approach to work on an evening. I feel so much more awake and motivated when I’m using the light. It is designed to make your body clock think you’re working in the daytime, when people are generally happier and more awake and I really think it does this. On an evening I can end up feeling really sluggish and without energy but not any more. I don’t have the lamp on during the day but instead, only use it when I sit down to work. I know I definitely get the recommended 60 minutes a day and I can really see the benefits.

Lumie Desklamp

Now, I don’t dread sitting down at my desk to work. Instead, I really look forward to it every day!

Disclaimer: We received this item for the purpose of this post. All opinions are our own. 

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