It’s the little things

At four months old, Jackson is a pretty hyper puppy. He has energy all of the time apart from when he’s asleep. Even then, if we’re home we have to put him in the kitchen to sleep as he doesn’t seem to like doing that when John and I are around. He wants to be with us constantly and play with us every second that he can. That obviously makes it hard to get anything done around the house. Jackson likes to sit next to me on the couch and play so that means not being able to use my laptop and not being able to write blog posts. 

The only thing that has stopped Jackson from wanting to play lately is a big bone or his yellow octopus (which has now died). 

When out playing in the garden Jackson is addicted to a really cheap and thin purple Frisbee. He carries it around in his mouth and will not drop it for you to throw it to him. We kick a football around for him which he chases but not without that Frisbee in his mouth at the same time. 

Little did we know that letting him bring it in the house would calm him down a lot! He tries to bring it inside with him anyway after being outside so the other day we let him. Instead of wanting to play like we thought he would he happily laid on the couch with it and stayed there for quite a while. If I had known he would do this earlier I would have got him one for in the house. 

It’s strange how the most simple toy can keep him so happy when he has loads to choose from and some a lot more expensive than a purple Frisbee. 

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