Pen Heaven Pet Photo Album

I am such a big fan of taking photos and creating photo albums into themes; holidays, people, places etc. Just recently we had the chance to put together a photo album for Jackson with the help from Pen Heaven. When the photo album arrived I was pretty amazed! The album comes beautifully wrapped and then in a cream presentation box. The whole photo album feels luxurious and I would expect so for the RRP of £59.99. The photo album is quite large, measuring H 305mm x W 220mm x D 55mm. The pages are slightly smaller in size but this

Chambers & Co Natural Shampoo for Dogs

Bathing Jackson isn’t something we tend to do very often. Being a long haired dog though we should probably do it a little more than we do, to stop him getting matted. I never really know what to do in term of shampoo for him though. When Chambers & Co got in touch about their Natural Shampoo for Dogs thought it would be really good to try. The Chambers & Co dog shampoo is designed for sensitive skin so it’s suitable for all breeds. Jackson is really quite good when it comes to getting in the bath. He doesn’t even really seem

Gifts for Dogs

Christmas certainly isn’t all about humans, it’s about dogs too. Jackson deserves Christmas presents as much as anyone else, although I’m not sure I would say he’s always a good dog. This is Jackson’s second Christmas and last year he did well at opening the presents we got him. This year he’s a bit more spoiled, probably because we have Erin now as well. We have got Jackson his very own advent calender this year. I didn’t want him to be left out. I also got him a flashing Christmas ball and a pretty angry looking squeaky carrot toy. All three – Tailor Made Dog Food

When got in touch and asked if Jackson would like to trial their food, of course, we said ‘woof woof’ or yes please in English! offer tailor-made dog kibbles, which is what sets them apart from other dog food companies. They understand that each dog is different and each dog has different needs. Because of that, come up with a blend of food 100% tailored to your dog. This also means the price is tailored to your dog as well! make it really easy to get a mix of food to suit your dog’s needs. On their

Dog, Babies And Beaches!

Since moving to Norfolk something I haven’t taken advantage of is the beautiful coast. Part of the problem is that John and I don’t drive so some of the beaches are hard to get to. Yesterday we headed to a beach in Overstrand with some of the family. John’s brother and his girlfriend came round for a bit first with their gorgeous dog Roxy! Ever since we got Jackson I wanted him and Roxy to be friends but this is the first time they’ve met! Roxy followed him around while Jackson ran away as much as he could to stop

Man’s best friend

John is always telling me that he’s not anyone’s favourite. Obviously I love everyone in my family in different ways. John knows there is this special bond between Erin and I that he can’t compete with sometimes. Just recently Erin has been really needy because she’s been ill and has only wanted me and John has felt left out. I thought I’d write about John’s best friend Jackson! John may not think so but Jackson really does love him best. Jackson has had a few issues with figuring out who the pack leader is, especially since I have been on

That bloody dog!

When I planned to write this post a few days ago, it was going to have a completely different meaning. Now, I’m literally writing about that bloody dog! Every morning John takes Jackson to the park to have a good run around before he goes to work or just early on a weekend. This past Sunday was no different. John and Jackson went off and came back about 45 minutes later like normal. Then, when Jackson was having a drink in the kitchen we noticed all of the blood! The kitchen floor and Jackson’s paws were covered. I had to

What a spoiled dog!

When we first got Jackson we let him do whatever he wanted. As nice as it was to have him up on the couch with us for cuddles we realised this had to change as soon as we found out that I was pregnant. Instead of banning Jackson from the furniture completely, even though John wanted to, I said he could sit/ sleep in the arm chair. I used to sit in the chair and John and Jackson would have the couch but we moved things around a bit so that there was a barrier between us. However, when we