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It’s no secret that Erin often doesn’t sleep very well. She can sometimes wake up 3 or 4 times a night and is a nightmare to get back to sleep. When Johnson’s got in touch about their Bedtime Baby Sleep App I was excited. I had hope that we might finally crack it.

Along with using the Johnson’s Bedtime Baby Sleep App, Johnson’s recommend also using their three step bedtime routine. In order to enable us to try to the 3 step routine and the app, we were provided with a gorgeous sleep hamper!

The 3 step bedtime routine

The 3 step routine is aimed at babies aged 7 weeks to 36 months so you can start really early if you like. We did start Erin with a routine straight away but it wasn’t quite this one.


Step 1 – warm bath

We have always given a bath before she goes to bed but sometimes they could be for quite some time. Erin loves playing in the bath so it has never really been a relaxing, unwinding time for her. Learning about this routine has made us realise that we need to cut down bath time to keep Erin a bit calmer before bed.

Step 2 – Gentle Massage

Unfortunately, Erin has always hated this. We tried and tried to make this a nice time for her but she’s more focused on hating getting out of the bath and then having her bottle.

Step 3 – Quiet time

When Erin has had her bath we get her ready for bed and head upstairs to her bedroom. We have the lights low and only her nightlight and baby monitor light on. This is when she has quiet time with Daddy and her bottle!

Johnson’s Bedtime Baby Sleep App

The app is a lovely resource for figuring out your baby’s sleep routine. The app is super easy to set up and it only took a couple of minutes. There are loads of great features to help you combat sleep problems and to see areas you need to work more on.

The sleep analysis was by far the most helpful feature for us. It helped us to realise where Erin was sleeping too much in the day and that we needed to cut her nap time down a bit if possible. This then made her a bit more tired at bedtime which resulted in her sleeping for longer before waking up.

I really loved the lullabies on the app as well. While we don’t use these for Erin at bedtime we do use them during the day for nap time. Sometimes Erin struggles to settle down during the day in fear of missing out on something and I find these really helpful for calming her down.

Would I recommend it?

Yes, I would absolutely recommend the Johnson’s Bedtime Baby Sleep App. I wish we had known about it months ago really. I think it would have helped us stop getting into some bad habits at bedtime. The app is free so there is no reason not to have it, especially as it’s available on both Android and Apple.

Disclaimer: We were sent a Johnson’s sleep hamper to help with this post. All opinions are our own.


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