You Know Christmas Is Coming When…

Christmas may be on the same date every year but somehow, it seems to come sooner each year as well. I remember when shops wouldn’t dare to have Christmas cards and wrapping paper before December. I remember when it might as well have been a crime to play Christmas music before 1st December. Does anyone else remember this? This year I saw Christmas cards in shops at the end of October! We hadn’t even gotten Halloween out of the way yet. It used to be that you knew Christmas was on it’s way when the Coca Cola advert came on television for the first time but now, it seems like anything goes. I thought I’d ask some fellow bloggers to finish this sentence ‘You Know Christmas Is Coming When…’

Shop displays start turning Christmasey in November! – My Family of Roses

The Argos/ Smyths catalogue is randomly left around the house with large circles in it! Big Dog Little Adventures

The thought of eating sprouts actually becomes more appealing (to me anyway!). Truly Madly Cuckoo

My Instafeed starts to have a rosy glow. Thrifty Mum

Making children behave became easier than ever….

“Santa’s watching!” One Small Human

You see the first reindeer of the year appear! Starlight and Stories

The Post Office collection queue quadruples in size! Then I Became Mum

My bank account looks even emptier than normal! Coffee, Cake, Kids

You see a clip of Home Alone. Household Money Saving

Honestly, I don’t know what I would answer myself. You Know Christmas Is Coming When… well, it seems to change every year and something different forces Christmas upon us. As a blogger, Christmas starts in September or very early October. As a parent of a child born on New Year’s Day, I think about Christmas all year round. I shop all year round. Maybe Christmas is just a never ending thing for me now! I actually don’t mind this part of it but I hate to see the shops do it all too early.

What would you think of if I asked you to finish the sentence ‘You Know Christmas Is Coming When…’

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