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Little Dish: Proper Food For Kids

Erin has been going through a bit of a strange phase recently when it comes to food. She has not wanted to eat nearly as much as normal and she has been super picky with what she does eat. With that in mind, I’ve been on the look out for food to try her with that is delicious but also healthy at the same time. Phases with eating can quickly lead to unhealthy options and I don’t want to do that. I recently discovered Little Dish at Bubble London and we’ve been lucky enough to try out a selection of their range.

Something I love about Little Dish is that they have so many tasters around the country to help make their products great. It is no good making a food range for children if they won’t eat it! Below are some of the products we were sent to try and I love that we got such a lovely variety.

A little while back John tried to make a batch of chilli and thought he’d made it mild enough for Erin as well. It really wasn’t mild at all though so she couldn’t eat it. The Little Dish sauces are fantastic for this kind of thing. The Mild Korma Cooking Sauce and Classic Tomato Pasta Sauce are the perfect size to make little meals with enough to store for another day or freeze. I personally don’t eat curry because I don’t like anything spicy but I love how this gives me an easy option for letting Erin try it for herself.

There is also a classics range to choose from which includes; Tomato Soup, Bakes Beans, Spaghetti Hoops and Macaroni Cheese. All of these, as well as the sauces, are low in salt and have no added sugar. The salt content on Heinz Baked Beans is quite high, especially for a toddler so this range really gives me peace of mind and makes me happier about my choices for Erin. Having these choices available make dinners easy, quick and most importantly delicious.

My absolute favourite part of the Little Dish range is the pots and pies. There is so much choice! There are 16 different flavours to choose from and unlike a lot of toddler tray meals, these are chunky, interesting and full of flavour! The pies actually look like a pie instead of processed mush and this makes me so happy. Having Erin’s food look like a real meal that we would eat ourselves is really so important. It means being able to feed Erin something suitable for her while me and John are still able to eat a different variant without eating completely different meals.

Some other great reasons to try Little Dish pots and pies:

Made using 100% natural ingredients

Low in salt

Contains no added sugar, additives or preservatives

Provides at least 1 of a child’s recommended 5 a day

Source of protein

Only ever contains British meat & sustainably sourced fish


So far, Erin has been a big fan of the Little Dish products she has tried. I can’t wait to carry on working our way through our hamper, especially as the Pop Pops (snacks made with 40% chickpeas) are next up!

Little Dish also do pizza, soups and oat biscuits called Go Gos as part of their range. I know Erin would love the pizza and she hasn’t had soup much yet so I’ll definitely be trying her with some from Little Dish!

Have you had anything from the Little Dish range yet? 

Disclaimer: We received products for the purpose of this review. All opinions are our own. 

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