Bubble London

Our Visit To Bubble London

A couple of weeks ago we visited Bubble London, while making the most of having a weekend away together as a family. Having never been to something like this before, I really wasn’t sure what to expect, especially as it is a trade show and not really something that bloggers generally attend. However, I LOVE looking at clothes for Erin so I went wanting to find some new and exciting brands. So, instead of going over my whole visit I’m just going to throw out a few pictures and some info about things I fell in love with.

Eva and Indie

Eva and Indie was the first stand that I went to look at. To be honest, the fox dress is what drew me in. I’m a sucker for anything woodland themed because of Erin’s bedroom and Fox is my mum’s surname. The dresses have such amazing and bold prints.

Cooee Kids

Milly ‘O


How amazing is the t shirt with castles, knights and dragons. Kite has so many different items that are suitable for both boys and girls and their designs are a lot of fun.


Cribstar was by far the standout brand for me. I love the monochrome colours and that nothing is aimed at a certain gender. I will definitely be getting an age t-shirt for her 2nd birthday. Not only does Cribstar do clothes but they have a tableware range complete with Super Baby designs!

Ju-Ju Be

I have no idea how I haven’t come across this brand before. I have had quite a few changing bags so far and not heard of Ju-Ju Be. I have fallen in love with the Be Right Back backpack changing bags. Now that Erin is getting older and we’re going off on adventures, we need something suitable for both me and John but also something that fits lots in. These bags are perfect for that and they’re also super stylish.

The Daddy Bag

Our current changing bag is a very floral Cath Kidston bag and it’s really not John’s style! I was so happy to see The Daddy Bag at Bubble London. It’s great that there are a couple of bags available the John wouldn’t mind carrying around!


The reason that BundleBean stood out to me is because of their pram/ stroller organisers. We live in a small town and sometimes I only need to nip out for an hour or so. I don’t want to have to cart around the big changing bag. These organisers come in some fantastic designs. BundleBean also do a range of other products, all matching!

I came away from Bubble London discovering a whole load of brands I hadn’t heard of before. I didn’t look round all of the traders to be honest because some things just weren’t suited for us or were aimed at older children. I had a lovely time chatting to some people and talking about their products. I also came away with a little goody bag after visiting the press area and eating a macaron and getting a drink!

I had fun at Bubble London but not sure I’d make a trip to London just to visit again. It certainly wouldn’t have been worth the time and money spent. However, it was nice to discover some new brands who I’ll be purchasing from soon when I get Erin some new clothes!

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