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Little Helper FunPod Review

Having a toddler is hard work, especially when they want to get into absolutely everything. One of the biggest problems I’ve found is that Erin wants to be everywhere I am, even if that means that place being on the kitchen counter because I’m cooking. Obviously, Erin can’t sit on the kitchen counter because it’s not safe and there is way too much that she could get hold of that isn’t safe. When I saw the Little Helper FunPod months and months ago, I knew that I needed it.

I bought our Little Helper FunPod on Amazon for around £99. It comes in different colours but I went for the Maple option just because the white was sold out at the time of ordering.

This is a flat pack piece of furniture but it takes a very minimal amount of time to put together. I managed it on my own in about 15 minutes. Unfortunately, mine came delivered minus one of the rubber feet but Little Helper very quickly sent me a replacement.

The Little Helper FunPod is suitable for children from being able to stand up to about 6 years old. The unit has an adjustable shelf which is where the child stands and there are 5 different levels. The younger the child, the higher the shelf should be placed. The shelf locks into place on the inside of the unit so there’s no need to worry about it moving or coming out of place when your child is inside. As Erin is nearly 2, and pretty short, we have ours set on the highest shelf level at the moment.

We have a Lino floor in our kitchen and I was worried about the Little Helper FunPod slipping around while Erin was in it. However, it comes with four, rubber non-slip feet and no matter how much Erin tries to move about, the unit doesn’t go anywhere.

Erin loves to try to help out in the kitchen, especially now that she realises how interesting things can be. I love that Erin can stand next to me safely, not reach any of the dangerous items at the back of the counter, but still get to see what is going on. What I love about the Little Helper FunPod is that it enables me and Erin to have some fun in the kitchen, rather than her just getting under my feet while I’m trying to cook. Having this in the kitchen eliminates the risk of accidents of Erin falling off a step or chair, or getting in the way of the oven being opened.

My only issue with this is the space it takes up. It certainly isn’t small and we only have a galley kitchen. So that it isn’t always in the way we do store ours in the dining room but it is really easy to just pick up by the handles and move into the kitchen.

Erin is just getting to the age where I think we can start doing some baking together and I know she’s going to love being in her Little Helper FunPod when we make cakes or brownies for the first time. This may have been a bit of an expensive purchase but we will get so much use out of it. We don’t even have to only use it in the kitchen as we can use it as the dining table for when we do painting or colouring etc!

Do you have a Little Helper FunPod? I’d love to know how you get on with it if you do!

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