Manual vs Electric Breast Pumps: Which is Better?

Manual vs Electric Breast Pumps: Which is Better?

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Mothers have plenty of choices when it comes to breastfeeding, but some methods are better than others. Natural breastfeeding is of course a great way to provide your baby with all of the great benefits of breastfeeding, but for some mothers it can be painful or uncomfortable.

Breast pumps can reliably provide your baby with sufficient breastmilk whilst also making the process more comfortable for you. Moreover, breast pumping can also store breastmilk for later, so it allows mums to produce milk at times that work best for them.

The Differences Between Manual & Electric Breast Pumps

Not all breast pumps are created equal when it comes to quality. In general, there are two types of pumps: manual and electric breast pumps.

Manual Breast Pumps

Manual breast pumps operate without the use of power. Only one breast can be treated at a time with them because they are hand-operated. The other hand is used to ‘pump’ the lever on the pump while it is over the breast in order to create suction. These pumps are typically lighter and more portable than electric ones, which makes them an excellent option for people on a budget or with limited space. They are also frequently less priced than electric pumps.

Electric Breast Pumps

Electric breast pumps can be powered by a battery or an electrical outlet. They are available in models with single or double breast expressing options. You create the suction by placing the cup over your breast, which frees up one hand to perform other duties or simply serve as a nice excuse to unwind. An electric breast pump is typically necessary for mothers who must express frequently or exclusively.

Both pumps are capable of pulling out milk for storage or bottle feeding quite effectively. The one that is the best fit for your needs will typically depend on your lifestyle, pumping schedule, and financial situation.

Why Purchase a Manual Breast Pump?

For mothers who occasionally pump and do not use expressed breastmilk as their baby’s main source of nutrition, manual pumps are a fantastic option. A manual pump might not be the greatest option for frequent expressers because it can be time-consuming and taxing on your wrists.

If you need or want to pump sometimes to gather some milk to keep, a manual breast pump is a great option. A manual breast pump can be useful for gathering your disappointment without raising any issues with oversupply.

Why Purchase an Electric Breast Pump?

For mothers who must express their milk daily or more than once a week, an electric breast pump can be a vital piece of equipment. The correct electric breast pump will be a crucial tool for breastfeeding mothers who express their milk exclusively or mothers who have returned to the workforce.

Naturally, an electric breast pump will offer greater power than a manual one as well as other benefits that may be ideal for some mums. Some examples include hospital-grade suction power, fast and efficient drawing of breastmilk with adjustable settings for comfort, quick attach and detach pumping, and supply boosting for improved milk production.

Author bio: Anita Browne, Product Specialist, O’Flynn Medical, a leading Irish supplier of healthcare equipment, including electric breast pumps, electric beds for elderly individuals, and much more.

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