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Erin recently turned one and that means we are still quite far away from being over the hell that is teething. The past couple of weeks haven’t been too bad but I have sensed that Erin has another tooth coming through, making her miserable and grouchy.

We have a drawer full of different kinds of teethers but nothing seems to be working well enough for back and side teeth. We were recently sent a new teether on the market, a Matchstick Monkey, to test and I am so thankful for it!

The Matchstick Monkey is designed to reach the source of pain and also makes it possible to get pain relief into the right places. No other teether that I know of can do this. This adorable monkey has a bumpy bit at the back of his head which means you can put, say, teething gel on it, and apply to the back of the mouth easily without getting your finger bitten off! These bumps also massage the gums.

Something I really love about the Matchstick Monkey is his tail. Erin loves playing with this and again, is able to uncurl it so she can reach the back of her mouth. The design of this teether is perfect. You can definitely tell that it has been designed by someone who has children themselves and knows what teething is like.

The Matchstick Monkey is available in quite a lot of different colours so there’s something for everyone. We have the orange monkey and I love it. He’s so bright and colourful and this means I can always find him, no matter where he’s been thrown by Erin.

The design of this teether means that you’re able to attach a dummy clip to it if you want to. I LOVE this! I can attach this to Erin’s pushchair when we’re out and about so if she is in a bit of pain, she has something she can get on her own without me having to dig through her bag for it.

All in all, this is by far my favourite teether for Erin. She really seems to get pain relief just from having a chomp on it. She even just likes carrying it around with her even when she doesn’t need it. I honestly cannot recommend this enough. Go out and get one!

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  1. It’s fantastic when you find something that works! When it comes to teething it feels like a bit of a trial and error thing finding someone that works! It’s good that the matchstick monkey helps then reach those places others wouldn’t normally get to! It looks like a lovely design.

    Jordanne ||

  2. This is so cute! We bought sophie the giraffe when little N started teething, but he often chewed on anything and everything else he could find anyway! We’ve been lucky so far, but with back teeth ready to cut in I might start stocking up on different items like this in preparation for a grizzly baby!

  3. This makes me so happy as we received our Matchstick monkey yesterday! I love the look of it already, so let’s hope Harrison gets on well with it. So happy it’s helping little Erin! xxx

  4. Oh, I keep seeing this teether everywhere so it was nice to read what it actually does. We have been going through teething for what seems like forever so we’re always on the look out for something new. I like the idea of being able to put teething gel on it.

  5. This sounds incredible! I have a few relatives who are pregnant, and a few others with young children about to enter the teething stage, so I’ll definitely be recommending this little monkey to them! Erin looks like she’s really enjoying showing him off for the camera!

    Katie –

  6. This looks like such a great teether, we are having a tough time with the big teeth coming through at the back. Will have to check this teether out.

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