Dealing With A Daredevil Toddler

Erin was born premature at 36+4 and even though she was a tiny 4lb 8oz, I don’t think I ever really thought too much about how small and fragile she really was. I look back at pictures of Erin as a newborn now and I think she can’t really have ever been that small. Of course, she was though. While I am so protective over Erin in certain circumstances but I have always encouraged her to be independent and strong willed. She is nearly 2 and the most strong willed little girl I have ever known.

Erin’s 23 Month Update!

AD | Post contains gifted items and affiliate links Well, it’s nearly December and that means Erin is coming up to being 23 months old. Her 2nd birthday is just around the corner and I can’t believe how quick that time has gone. November has flown by and with that, Erin has changed quite a lot! Sleep Since we came back from Center Parcs last month John and I have made a real effort to stick to the same routine when it comes to bed time and nap time. We have really been trying to

The Blogger’s Daughter

As a blogger, I have my camera out a lot. In fact, I have it to hand most of the time and I never leave the house without either having my Canon PowerShot G7X Mark II or my phone. Erin has grown up around a camera and I guess she’s just grown up getting used to pictures being taken of her. That’s really no different to any normal family wanting to document their child growing up. The difference is Erin’s photos are all over the internet. Erin is just coming up to being 2 and

Erin’s 22 Month Update!

So, it’s 1st November tomorrow and that means Erin is now 22 months old. The last month absolutely flew by and I feel like I blinked and missed a whole lot of it. We had a great holiday in Center Parcs and it was so good to see Erin running around and really having fun the whole time. She loved it there just as much as we did. Here’s what has been going on with Erin over the last month. Sleep I think we have finally got Erin into a really good sleeping routine. Sometimes

The Mum Who Loved Baby Classes

Erin is nearly 2 and it has been quite some time since we stopped going to any baby classes or groups. We stopped going to our last one, Music in Motion a while ago now. That one in particular runs past toddler age but Erin’s nap times were making going impossible so we were just throwing money away pretty much. The thing about baby classes is always having something fun to do with your child. We used to go to Baby Sensory and Baby Yoga, as well as swimming. I used to love having something

Erin’s 21 Month Update!

21 months old! Where has that time gone? I can’t believe my little girl is going to be 2 in a few very short months. It will be here before I know it and that also means the start of nursery for her. It still amazes me how far this little girls comes every single months. I was sure that by this age, I would notice things less and less and new things would happen less often but that’s just not true. So, here’s how Erin has been getting on over the past month: Movement

Erin’s 20 Month Update!

It has been so long since I did an update about Erin. I guess time got away from us but there is so much to say now! Erin is now 20 months old and my god she is growing up quickly. Here is her 20 month update. Erin is becoming more and more of her own person each day and her personality shines through. She is such a cheeky little bugger and she knows it. Erin is also becoming more and more affectionate each day. I can ask her for a hug or a kiss

Erin’s Woodland Themed Bedroom

As soon as I found out I was pregnant I knew how I wanted Erin’s bedroom to be. As we couldn’t find out if we were having a boy or girl for a while I decided to paint the room in a very neutral mushroom kind of colour. We’re not a very overly pink or blue kind of family so I wanted something as gender neutral as I could. My mum’s surname is Fox and that has played a large part in how I chose to decorate Erin’s bedroom. Erin’s first ever toy was a