Monster Dog: The Teenage Years

2015-01-11 19.22.15
When he was a good, sleepy puppy!

Jackson is now 8 months old and John and I thought that we’d gotten him pretty well trained. How wrong we were!

It turns out that around 8 months old is when dogs go into their ‘teenage years’ and that is not good news for us. He was just getting to the point where he would lay down when we told him to (after a couple of times) and he was a much more relaxed dog compared with a few months ago. I do think neutering him had something to do with this though.

The monster he is now!
The monster he is now!

Now we need a new plan because Jackson has decided to forget everything we taught him previously and is a maniac! He has eaten the internet, resulting in us getting an electrician to re-wire things, chewed off part of the skirting board in the hallway, dug a hole in our nice, new lawn and he’s just a pain really.

Today starts a whole new regime with Jackson. We’re going back to basics and have decided to train him all over again. This means having a very specific plan. We need to come up with the right words that we’ll both use. We need to re-train him commands like sit, down and lay down.

I’m nearly 14 weeks pregnant now and I cannot be doing with an insane dog when the baby comes so it’s all hands on training now!

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