What’s in a name?


Since finding out I was pregnant John and I have been trying to think of names that we both like. I didn’t think it would be so hard to agree on names. There have been loads that either I have liked and John hasn’t or the other way around.

We had one or two that we liked even before I fell pregnant but those have now been scrapped. I have a really big dislike or names that can be shortened. I have always hated it and it really makes picking baby names difficult. One that we previously liked was Imogen but my sister informed me that it would get shortened to Imi and I don’t like that at all.

Another name to be scrapped was Evelyn for a couple of reasons. I didn’t think about it being shortened to Evie and then my mum also said it sounded like a smelly old lady’s name. That immediately put me off!

Both of our families would like us to use certain names to either follow tradition or for other family members and neither of us really want to do this. It’s hard because there is some pressure there and we don’t want anyone to be disappointed.

The family on John’s dad’s side is Irish and I’ve felt like an Irish name would be good. However, trying to find names we both like and that can’t be shortened is not easy.

It’s a long way off until we actually have to pick a name and that could change as soon as the baby is born.

Are there things that have influenced you in picking a name?

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