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Erin and I are out and about at least 3 days a week normally. We go swimming and to local playgroups as well as soft play etc. Obviously we take a fair amount of ‘stuff’ with us including Erin’s cups/ bottle and her little fox changing bag. Things get put down, picked up and moved and I wanted to do something to make it easier to find Erin’s things again. My Name Tags offer personalised stickers and iron-ons for exactly this!

There are a couple of different options of different products available. You can choose from colour or black and white stickers or iron-on name tags and there are also Hello Kitty tags or Mr Men & Little Miss tags. I decided to go for a Mr Men & Little Miss design because, well, they’re fun aren’t they? These cost £13.95 + £1.00 P&P for 56x Stickers or iron-ons.

The stickers came in a normal envelope inside a plastic wallet which explains how to use them.

My Name Tags advise that if you’re using these stickers on a clothes label to not wash them for 24 hours. This makes sure the label is well and truly stuck!

We haven’t had the need to use our stickers on clothes yet as Erin doesn’t start nursery until January. However, we’ve used them on various other items that we take out with us on a daily basis.

I have found these stickers to be so useful on Erin’s cups. Some of her friends have the same cups as her and the children are always reaching for each other’s. This stops any confusion between the parents and I can find Erin’s cup easily.

Erin’s cups get washed daily and these stickers have really withstood the washing. They still look fantastic and there is no peeling or fading anywhere yet.

I am so impressed with My Name Tags. We have some labels left over and they’re going to come in so handy when Erin starts nursery in January as she needs to take a set of things with her.

Disclaimer: We received items for the purpose of this review. All opinions are our own.


21 thoughts on “My Name Tags Review”

  1. These sound really good and convenient. I need to get some of these, as my daughter’s items aren’t all labelled for when she goes to nursery.

    Helen x

  2. It’s such a nightmare making sure everything is labled isn’t it – I’m forever worrying Indie’s stuff is going to go missing! These look brilliant though, such fun designs too xx

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